Monday, March 31, 2003

hm.. i saw 'The Graduate' today.. wow.. two words: deep shit. lol. no, the movie was good.. but.. that kid.. jeeze!! he got himself into a load of trouble with one bad decision, eh? it was a weird movie.. could be happy, could be sad, could be just plain scary. ** I liked the songs in the movie, though. grr i was a bit angry about the quiz. i didnt get.. um.. 'who made a small appearence who became famous later' and something else.. i think i got that one right though, it was just kinda.. uncertainty. i'm pretty sure i missed the one about the cameo appearence though. oh well. heh. what will i make now.. a 99.4? hehe.
orchestra.. blah! cuz they're prepairing for the trip, it's the trip orchestra only, which doesnt include me. in a way, that's cool, cuz i get to do what i want (today: make up the first part of 'Graduate' i missed on thurs when i was sick), but in a way hearing them play the cool songs i like makes me want to play.. oh well i guess. should be glad for some time to do stuff.. soo freakin busy! i'm hoping this thurs and friday will help ease the load since most teachers arent doing much since so many kids arent here.
i found out they're hand searching every bag for the orch/band trip. they did it for the HOSA trip but i didnt really think they'd do it for orch/band.. that's alot of bags! oh well, i'm sure they'll manage.. somehow.. heh. i dont really see how it could be worth being effective, though.. i mean, it's gonna be so quick. oh well.. better than no search at all i guess.
today i made a complete fool of myself in APUSH.. i was reading along some paper i printed off the net and i came across 'rearmament'. i guess i was.. stoned or something because i started sounding it out to emily as 'rear-ma-ment' thinking 'what the hell is that?' it took me a very sad amount of time to figure out it was 're-armament.' *covers face with shame* oh well.. i can blame it on lack of sleep, and it being a monday! so there you go.. i'm blame free..
not much else going on.. just loads of hw to do.. well no surprise.. i've been saving it all up for today..! *exasperated sigh*
i guess what i think of 'The Graduate' describes me today..: could be happy, could be sad, could be just plain scary.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

another boring day.. mom left today to go to greece.. she'll be gone till friday or saturday. had to stock up on lots of food so i can survive.
didnt do any homework this weekend. i feel like a bum. my room's a trainwreck.. i cant stand it.. nasty.. so much crap coming up.. and i'm not even doing hw..? hm.. oh well. too tired to care now. only 10:30, too.. hm.. oh well. i got some dried apricots, cuz they're so good, this weekend.. yey. i also drove my family to dinner, which is a first. didnt run over any little kids or anything. well hm. thats about all i have to say.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

i'll talk to you guys later..
you're all cool..

Friday, March 28, 2003

I saw 'The Core' tonight.. it was an overall ok movie. In my opinion.. they spend too much time killing off the main characters.. i mean.. after the second death you were just waiting for it.. it was like they were looking for excuses to kill their teammates.. 'oh well he might die so might as well get it over with.' and the thing about the 'hard decisions and leadership' with the girl..? way way to forced.. didnt make any sense, and though they tried to make a plot point of it early on, they never carried it out or finished it, though they made it an excuse for her to kill a guy (with two kids and wife). There were some pretty cool effects though, and some funny lines (and a great face! i mean seriously, in movies they never make the faces you'd really make in real life... and somehow the main character actor guy (you expect me to review a movie using names??!!? you expect too much.) pulled it off! it was great. we were easily the most obnoxious row in there, but it's ok, cuz everyone around us didnt mind. some people asked us jokingly as we left if we'd been having a good time, it was cool, usually everyone's so uptight. Though some of the movie was a bit forced, emotional, and.. moralistic-value-teaching-and-learning.. the wit and one-liners were a pretty good compensation. and you gotta love Rat, the hacker of the team.. aw yea he was great lol. THe girl just plain got on my nerves.. in my opinion she shoulda been one of the ones to get killed off.. insteada that awesome french dude for example! am i giving away stuff? oh well. the snob-guy..? he was annoying. but then.. his character was supposed to be like that, so in the end it all came out great. the girl, on the other hand, was supposed to be not annoying. but she was! she could do like anything... blah. it got annoying and old after a very short time. plus her face bugs me for some reason. the spaceship scene was awesomely funny with the workers.. heh. there was a lot of scientific stuff and how they did stuff left unexplained, which might bother some people a whole bunch (chris, aj, probably), but as long as you're willing to give a bit of slack and not really let it get to you, it's not too bad (though i did get slightly annoyed at some parts). the bird scene was simply HILARIOUS! oh it was great lol. i know it was supposed to be.. dramatic and stuff.. scary..etc.. but oh man.. i was laughing pretty hard.. hehe. perhaps just because.. it seemed so random! it might not be so funny for those of you expecting it now.. heh, oops, sorry. one thing i liked best was the real casuality of some of the actors.. in one of the first few scenes.. when the french & main guy walk into the fbi room, they're chatting.. and, i donno.. it seemed very real, not acting scrippted. then their reactions (also pretty funny) seemed.. real! i think it was the the snobguy and the girl who messed it up most. esp the girl. the other guys, to me, at times, really nicely portrayed realistic reactions/comments/actions (in a competely unrealistic situation! lol). especially the look! can i say enough about the look? aw it was great. probably another timing thing, but i havnt told you where it was, so it might stike you as cool as well. but then, maybe its just me. lol.
anyway. that is my review! isnt it messed up? i mentioned one name, isnt that great? Rat. Oh i am a wonderful movie viewer arent i? lol.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

stomach hurt back again.. but dont worry i'll be in school tomorrow, so you'd better hope i'm not contagious!
heh. dont worry.. i seriously think it's something i ate/didnt eat, etc.
well.. sleep now.. sooo freakin sleep deprived.. i think i'll just sleep all weekend, f**k hw..
feel better now.. i'll have to make up that movie in theatre arts though.. wonder if i can recruit some people to come watch it with me, that'd be more fun. It's The Graduate but tripp says they got a good way through it.. blah! if the room is booked i'll have to rent & watch over the weekend. oh well.. movie for hw.. heh! god the work just seems to be piling up though.. *sigh*..
ai! home sick right now... urgh my stomach is so sore..and for no apparent reason, as well..! maybe i've caught something.. i donno.. blarg.. >.<
hm.. think i'll go do something else in order to try to distract me from the pain..!

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

bad night last night.. i really am not happy today.. no i dont want to tell you.. no i dont want to talk to you.. end.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

from googlism on 'emma':
emma is creamier coconut milk in an instant emma is a rich

instant emma! isnt that a great idea???
stolen off of, blakes site.
who's blake? i donno, i've never met him..!

1.Do you shave? mmhm..

2.What do you shave? 8o heh. <-- thats a emoticon/smiley thingy, not an 80, heh.

3.Why? society deems it

4.What colour is your razor? lime green! heh.

5.What size is your bed? twin

6.Do you like it? yes.. it has mosquito netting..!

7.You're going on a date for a walk around the lake then a coffee at a cafe. what do you wear FROM your closet? um.. whatever i'm wearing that day, probably.

8.Would you go naked in a bathtub with a naked old man/woman with each of you having a bar of soap and soap each other till the bars of soap run out for a million dollars? well i'm not getting a million $ for answering the question, am i??

9.If you woke up one morning and found out you were going to stay in the body you have now for the rest of your life, what would you think? yey! even if i would have to be pulling out ID cards for my whole life lol.

10.Letter or E-mail? letters are very nice to get, but email is free and fast..

11.If world war III broke out, what would you say? come live in switzerland, denmark, sweden, or norway with me!

12.Buttons or boxes? ...?

13.Which 5 people do you trust and are open with the most? hm.. katie, kathy, emily, gentry, aj

14.What's something a guy/girl will wear that'll turn you off? speedo.. *covers eyes*

15.What's something a guy/girl will wear that'll turn you on? something that looks good on them

16.What do you think of soulmates? i think they exist

17.florida or cali? *blinks* colorado!

18.Is the world screwed? at the moment, yes. but there's always a chance. and no, thats not contradictory!

19.Is cussing a neccesity in life? not really.. i'd rather life without that then, say.. food..?

20.What's an object you can't live without? but blake.. what good would a modem be without a computer..? *hugs computer*

21.Can you live without the microwave? i could probably scrape by.. but not very easily, unfortunately..

22.You have this uh, erotic dream about your friend of the opp. sex. how do you act and feel around that friend the next day? never happened.. but if it did i'd act the same, i guess.

23.Would you rather be rich with 15 spoiled brats or just barely making it with a dog? with my friends!

24. How's your schoolwork for you right now? ignored, hated, and forgotten!

25.What's something someone's done to make you hold a grudge against them? put me down to extremes, kept me on the edge of suicide

26.Favorite weather- breezy, warm, sunny with a few clouds

27.What's one physical trait that attracts you to a guy/girl? physical..? hm.. back, shoulders. but that only applies to one person.. so.. nothing?

28.What's one personality trait that attracts you to a guy/girl? intelligence, sense of humor! <-- pretend this is one

29.Do you know what 143 means? The last answer to this question said "I love you," is that so? <-- if it's wrong, i blame blake!

30.Who's phone number are you hoping to get? i have a lamar directory.. i know where you.. ALL.. live.. and your phone numbers.

31.Describe melancholy, if you don't know, then skip this question. depressed sadness and dark

32.Describe mellow- banana! <-- somehow, in my mind, there is a connection.

33.Do you beleive in ghosts? why or why not? sometimes. i think majority of them are fake, but i think something somehow might hang around.

34.What time did you sleep last night? i slept in USA Central time.

35.Which guy/girl do you wish to be with RIGHT now? ...

36.Is it right to flirt if you have a bf/gf? no.. a little play flirting never hurt anyone.. but beyond about 30 secs of that and it's old.

37.Would you rather be married in venice, italy, or honolulu, hawaii? venice. because it's in europe!

38.Would you rather eat sandwiches or pasta for the rest of your life? pasta!!!!!!! mmm..

39.(guys) how would you feel if you gave a girl a flower?
(girls) how would you feel if you got a flower from a guy?
i'd think it was sweet, unless they were a stalker person then i'd chase them around in circles beating them over the head with my flower

40.Do you want to drop school? nope. not much a future if you do. anyway.. i've got 27 years of education to get in, if i wanna be a cardio..!!

41.What do you think of the word, "no pain, no gain"? for life: true. for athletics: pain is your body's way of telling you SOMETHING IS WRONG. that doesnt mean stop running when you get a cramp, but it does mean know when you're pushing too much, as athletic coaches often do.

42.What do you think of the quote "eyes are the passageways into the soul" ? if nothing else, they're passageways into true feelings.

43.What do you think of sleep? while rather boring, it's good, cuz it leaves you untired.

44.If you had the chance to slow down your growth now and live to 500 years but it's like a 50 year old body by then, would you go for it? prolly not. i'd miss my friends.

45.At one point in a girl/guy friendship will one them them like each other even if it's only for a little bit. true or false? probably true most of the time. but i think generally people blow this up way way too much.

46.Are you a procrastinator? as my mother was before me *bows*

47.Waffles or pancakes? eh.. not really fond of either.. but prolly waffles...

48.How's your cereal in your bowl? *looks sadly at empty bowl* i have no cereal...

49.What's an annoying trait about you? um.. i'm annoying. i dont leave people alone, i'm sarcastic, and too hyper! or rugby? english football! (soccer)

51. hat or visor? lol i dont look so hot in either..!

52.Ice skating or rollerblading? ooo.. tough choice.. both have pros and cons.

53.(guys) Your gf has long beautiful hair which you love, she comes to school the next day with a short crop cut. what do you HONESTLY think?
(girls) Your bf has hair you love. he comes to school the next day with a shiny head. What do you HONESTLY think? AHHHHHHHH!!! but i would be nice, and wouldnt do anything drastic. just make sure he grew it out again...! or burgers? hm.. depends what i'm in the mood for eating

55.What colour is your jacket? i have 2 black jackets, a light blue jacket, and two dark blue jackets. they are all different. they are all cool!

56.What's something you ALWAYS have on you? SKIN (cellphone, watch, rings, necklace)

57.What do you think of guys with nail polishes? weird. sometimes amusing.

58.Do you stay in bed thinking or do you fall alseep in 5 minutes? back when i used get enough sleep it'd take me hours..! nowadays it's pretty fast cuz i'm so sleep-deprived.. but i still usually sit and think a while..

59.Would you rather go to a boarding school, private school, or an all girls or guys school? private school, but not now, cuz i'd miss all my friends at LHS

60.There's a high school that'll be on a cruise ship and you have the opportunity to go. it's your last year at school. do you go for it? neh.. anyway, i'd miss my friends!

61. Who do you want to take with you to the prom? ...

62. Your bf/gf gets drunk at a party. in their state of drunkness, they babble about that one time they fooled around with someone else while you were together. they wake up the next morning with a slight memory that did something stupid. what do you do? talk. long and hard. depending on the outcome of that would be what happened next.

63.Is cyber sex considered cheating? yes..

64.How do you react to change? RESISTANCE!!!!!

65.are you happy? ...

66.Favorite berries- oo.. um.. raspberries!

67.What's one facial feature you'd like to change about yourself? facial...? i'd get rid of those little scars on my forehead from spots. *sniffle*

68.Do you take a shower after a bath? ... why would you do that...?

69.what colours your towel? *colour's PURPLE!! yey!

70.What do you think of knuckle cracking? ai! i can stand it, i do it, but i wish i could stop..!

71.What was the last thing you cried over or got teary about? ...

72.Chalk or crayons? yey! crayons!

73.How's your happiness level right now? 0 (low)- 10 (high) about 4. this quiz is fun and has made me happier..!

74. Coffee, tea, or me? ;) but i dont know you!! tea.

75.Wouldn't you just love to hug someone right now? ...

76.Who was the last person who complimented you? hm.. katie i think

77.What's wrong with your school? um.. well.. we have too many football coaches, too many pmsing VPs, and not enough paper... hehe

78.Do you know what an aphrodisiac is?
A stimulant that increases sexual desire. They work, but only on people who aren't tied up in drama issues. <-- um.. yea! what blake said.

79.Who do you wish you could kiss? ...

80.movies at home or in a theater? hm.. depends. home with the girls, theatre with all the friends.

81.wanna live in a castle? too old and draughty...

82.Isn't gondola a cool word? no.. but EYEBALL is.

83.What coat do you wear in the winter? black poofy one

84.(girls)What's something about guys you don't get? why dont they talk about how they really feel..?

85.(guys)What's something about girls you don't get?

86.who was better in rush hour/rush hour 2? *blinks* i dont even know the name of other guy. hell i dont remember!!!!

87.If someone said you were hot, what would you think? i'd probably be suspicious because i'm paranoid, unless it was obviously just a self-esteem boosting comment. or i was interested in them.

88. You go to your bf/gf's house for the first time and in his/her room, and everywhere is... you. what do you think? aww!! sweet..!

89.What happens when you hear the word christmas? sound waves reach the tympanic membrane, which then vibrates the ossicales in the middle ear cavity. The stapes transmits these vibrations to the perilymphatic fluid in the inner ear by vibrating against the oval window. The vibrations then pass across the cochlea's fluid receptor cells, in the basilar membrane, stimulating movement of the hair cells of the organ of Corti and initiating auditory nerve impulses to the brain. Then i recognise the word christmas. tada!

90.Does being a psycho sound appealing? not really..

91.what food brings back good memories? marble slab ice cream

92.Do you talk to yourself? i never talk to myself, do i? of course not!

93.sun or moon? moon, though it's close, the sun is pretty cool.

94.What's your opinion on love? everyone needs it, and it's what you live for

95.What's a happy memory of a time you've spent with the opp. sex? homecoming soph year, and many other wonderful times.

96.Would you rather go ballroom dancing or square dancing? eh.. neither!

97.Do you think you can afford to lose weight? i think if i lost weight i might die

98.If you could dye your hair any colour, what would you dye it? *holds hair protectively* mine!!

99.What's the nicest thing any one has ever told you? that i was beautiful and smart, and they loved me.

100.How was the survey? um. surveyish!