Monday, June 30, 2003

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damn.. cant even visit my own blog. that really sucks. i'm so sorry i dont post naked people on my site, i'm sure you're all just crying cuz i dont ; P

i doubt my blog is an R. oh well.
AND the comments are working.. could it get better?!??! yey!!
YEY IT POSTED!!!!! *rejoices and dances and claps*
OK, so i've finally just now finished putting all the phone numbers in my phone into my palm, and then looking up addresses in the phone book and putting them into my palm. email adresses GAR! people change them far too much. So, if you want to be on the summer email mailing list just send me an im with whatever email you want me to use, k? dont assume i have your most recent change of address.. i might have it somewhere, but better not to assume, k?
so here is a list of all the people who's addresses and phone #s i have in my palm... there's about half a zillion of you so i can guarentee unless a miracle happens and i have like three days with nothing to do but write postcards and i win like a 100£ on the lotto you wont all be getting cards. i'm thinking, though, that maybe i can send one postcard to a few people that i know know each other and i can trust you guys to get it around so everyone can see it. i donno how i'll decide who to send it to.. i guess i'll just pick an address randomly. whoever i think might be home most, or is not moving, etc. if you're not on the list, but you want to be, send me an IM or an email and i'll add you. if i dont have your phone (or i dont think it's the most recent) or i dont have your address i've put it out to the side. here's the list:

(note, these are in alphabetical order by last name cuz thats the way my palm puts it.. jeezus people dont take offense if your name isnt at the top, ok?? lol)

Blake - no address, home phone, or last name
Emily Clark - Let me know which address to send to/call
Drew Hayes
Gentry Hearn - no idea what address to send to...
Cameron King - is the apt ok or should i send to your grndprts house? if so i need the address
Kathy Lin
Tri Luong
AJ Malcom
Thomas Monaco
Alé Moreno
Aroon Pahwa
Ryan Pruitt
Tripp Skiggins
Katie Standlee
Bryan Wodarski
Onurcan Yildirimer

*claps* ok well thats out of the way. like i said.. just everyone send me their email then i can put that in there too, and we'll be good to go.

at nicks lan i promised to bring back some people british money.. thing is... it's money. and i've had a few requests. gotta remember that when i bring money back you guys i'm not spending it myself... usually i'm only bringing over a few pounds so it doesnt matter, but this year more than just like k&K&e have requested, so i'ma have to ask if you want some money you'll have to pay me a bit when i come back (in $). I'm gonna go on a limb and say that each person can have up to 75p (pence) free, since i have loads of loose change hanging around over there. i donno if that'll be realistic, but we'll see. during a usual summer it would be, but i'm not going to be over so long, therefore i wont be able to collect as much money. i've decided i'm not going to bring back any notes (paper money) since pound notes are just too hard to find, and 5£ is just too much money. sure, i could charge for it, but i'm giving up the opportunity to buy something with it over there. actually, if i find some pound notes i'll bring them over, since people like colorful money, but i wont promise one to anyone. hm.. maybe i should charge people to hear me talk in a british accent.. muahaha.

so here's the choices you have as far as coins go:
1p coin
2p coin
5p coin
10p coin
20p coin
50p coin

a dollar for one of each. but like i said.. i donno how much change i'll have. it's not so much the value of the money that worries me, but that i'll have to have enough to go around. if you ask for one of each, and i dont end up getting everything and it's less than 75p i wont charge you. if you want a pound coin i'm gonna ask 2$. i realise this is more than the exchange rate which is about $1.60, but like i said.. scarcity and opportunity cost. ha! god i feel like this economics classroom is brainwashing me... *scrubs brain and eyes furiously*

i realise (LET ME SPELL IT HOWEVER I DAMN WELL WANT TO!!! : P )all this organization is for nothing, and probably there will be no one who wants any money. but hey. it's not like i have anything better to be doing right now.

i'm not online right now since there's no network in the school (there was last week..) so i've got no internet, but looking back over this post it looks like this is going to cause a 'big post error' in blogger again.. this is pissing me off. does anyone else have this problem? aroon posts mile long posts and he doesnt get them, i assume. i didnt get them before all this blogger upgrade crap. i hate splitting these posts in two, it's just confusing. if anyone can give me advice on how to beat blogger into submission then i'd appreciate it. i tried clicking the 'report it' the first time it happened but blogger went crazy and hurled some 404 and 808 errors at me before logging me out and not letting me back in for a while. i guess they didnt want me to report it... i'll try again tonight.


so yea. i'm bored sitting here and i dont want to tackle the problems i've been having in code warrior so i think i'll sit back and tell you about yesterday. are you bored of reading yet? good.... you are under my control.

got up at 8 *grooaaaaaannnnn* and got ready, then went to my grandmother's house and dropped off holly my aunts dog. we heard about their trip to.. um.. whereever they went and my grandmother gave me some really cool earrings the bought there made of diatolic (??) glass or something like that.. they're super sparkly and lots of colors. like those scarab beatle things that shine all green and purpley.. you know the ones. then we headed back home and i started trying to get people together to go out. noone was really interested, and they all pretended to have better things to do ( : P thats a joke!!) so it turned out to be me, alé, and emily only. emily picked me up at 6:20 to try and get to the 6:30 showing of 28 Days Later at the parks (yes.. a stretch i know, but always worth a try!!) but by the time we got there it was sold out. so we looked at some other movies and since neither emily or i had seen Finding Nemo (alé had, but we had him under mind-control) we bought tickets to see that at 7. it was funny and much better than i'd expected. we also saw some rather strange previews for upcoming movies.. like some CG hero movie coming out sometime way in the future which's (i have no idea how to make that correct grammer and i'm too lazy to try) preview offered no information as to what the movie's about. anyway, nemo was great. then we split to go our seperate ways, since i had to go home, since i had/have school today and my school curfew is 9 (though i didnt get home till like (9:40). me and emily had a great time all the way home, laughing and being generally crazy.. some guy was being a bastard and pissed emily off but we were laughing and she got flustered and instead of saying 'i'm tempted to give him the one fingered salute!' exclaimed 'i'm tempted to stick my arm out the window and salute him with the middle!' which just made us laugh harder, of course. OJ called and when i told emily who it was she said 'hey that name sounds familiar' so we laughed harder still. after a while oj got scared and went away and we continued being drunkenly stupid. t'was great fun. i got home, and started talking online, but i was really sad cuz at 11:30 i lay down for a sec and the next thing i knew it was 3:30 in the morning and needless to say everyone was offline.. i was very sad. one less night to spend talking to my friends.. you can read about it in the post from very early this morning. anyway. i should probably shut up now since i'm sure this will take three posts up on blogger. i'm sorry it's confuddling. anyway.... adieu!

last time i checked it was 11:15 and i was talking to my friends online... now it's 3:42 and EVERYONE IS GONE!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! i fell asleep!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! why is this so horrible, you ask?? well, beccause i feel like i just wasted a precious night when i should have been talking to my friends. i feel really horrible now. i wish i could wake some of you up. *sigh*... badness... so please... if you were online last night and you have nothing better to do... get online tonight and tomorra and etc... WHILE I KEEP KICKING MYSELF.

i'm sorry. i feel bad. very bad. *punches self in face*

Sunday, June 29, 2003

blogger's again decided my posts are too big. BLAH to you BLOGGER. so here. i've put them in order this time, though.. so you can read this one first, and then keep reading below.

now back to our normal scheduling:

nick's lan! what fun! it was definatley one of the best. for one thing, we got to sit on couches to play : P! i arrived at exactly 6pm.. the first one, hehe. then aroon arrived, and left to go pick up oreos.. yummy! well, cameron hadnt arrived with the tables yet, so we had to just put all our junk on the floor in the living room. chris and drew arrived, chris with his new computer stuff and case, and we all sat. then alé, pablo, and stacie arrived. then thomas, bry and blake arrived, and stacie, too. i dont remember if they arrived after or before cameron did with the tables... hehe. yes, we'd been sitting on the couches talking and waiting for the tables. cameron arrived maybe around 8 or so with the chairs and we started setting up.. w00t! sitting on the couches was comfortable and cool. we played CS for a while, and ate pizza outside.. yummy! then nicks parents came out with two ice cream cakes a surprise! and we all sang happy birthday to nick.. yey nick! then we all lined up to eat cake. we played more CS, and somehow i ended up playing one-on-one with chris for like half an hour.. pretty pointless. i think in the end it was 18 kills to 2 or something. chris had the 18, in case you cant assume that. : P. some people went swimming, and i played the mac video for everyone to watch. some people played a raven-something game, and quake 3, too. cameron played quake 3 on my comp, so i lay on the back of the couch behind thomas and blake and watched them play and dozed. then WOLFENSTEIN.

hahaha. this great game we played for a freaking long time. i played, then decided to quit after seeming to do more damage than good, napped a bit, then played again, cuz my team didnt hate me as much as i thought they did : P. we played that and cs into the early hours.. and left at the surprisingly early time of 8am. got a ride home with thomas (we barely fit all that in the car, lol). i came home, set up my computers, worked on the bathroom, walked the dogs, and went to sleep at 10. i didnt even clear off my bed.. just went to sleep curled up in a tiny space of exposed sheets. around 5 i woke up, shoved stuff off my bed, grabbed a blanket, and went back to sleep. around 8 my mom woke me up. i was starving. we had grilled cheese sandwiches and then i stayed up late talking to people and watching austin powers and being bored and being stupid. it was fun, cept everyone went away after a while. so i went to sleep.

as we were leaving the lan it was sad... more than once i thought i was going to cry, but i tried really hard not to. i know my voice cracked a couple times but i cant help that. it's so sad knowing that i wont see people for so long.. probably not see aroon for a year. i tried to be happy while hugging all my close friends goodbye but how can you be happy when you know good times have ended for a while? i sit and think of all the pure fun and happiness i've had these past weeks and my heart both swells in happy memory and sinks down low in sadness. i'll try and keep my chin up, but i know i'll miss you guys beyond words. it doesnt make it any happier that i'll only have a few weeks or so until the seniors leave when i get back... (sorry.. ok.. you're graduates now.. but you'll always be 'the seniors' to me.. ; ) ). *sighah...* i shall miss you all. everyone got a lovely hug though, i wouldnt let anyone drive off without one! when i hugged chris we almost fell over on the stairs, which was funny, but i caught myself.. but i thought later i should have just fallen cuz i probably would have hurt my back and had to stay over here... oh well!! then we could have had lan parties in my room at hospital.. hehe. bryan suggested i shoot myself in the foot.. but i dont have a gun, and thomas suggested i step on a nail.. but owch! and i'm not sure that'd be enough to keep me from going over, really. the gunshot would, but it also might keep me from ever walking again as well.. and that's not cool!!

(continued below)
(continued from above) (dont read this one first.. read the one above it first!! i'm sorry blogger makes me make this so confusing...)

hopefully i'll be able to get online almost every night for half an hour and half an hour only. all phone calls (even local) cost over there, so getting online in the night in secret is hard, though i might risk it a few times. my dads all happy cuz since i'm not dating anyone i wont be calling anyone at midnight racking up huge long distance bills... ha! so if you want a call let me know ; ). (no.. i'm not really that serious...). but when i say half an hour.. i mean half an hour.. i darent stay on any longer or my dad'll throw a fit. in order to save time when i get online, i'll try and explain what will probably happen. first, i'll probably log on and let my sister have her half hour online with cloned dead aim while i have an away message up. use this time to update me with whatever news you want to tell me.. i cant reply but i'll be able to read it and spend my half hour talking and having conversation. i'll probably be getting online 7-8-9 o'clock pm in britain.. please note that means 1-2-3 o'clock in america. i'm 6 hours ahead of you! lol. after a few days i'll probably get a schedule down where i start getting online at about the same time.. so hopefully i'll be able to see a few of you online then.

you can also send me a letter! i love getting letters over the summer, they are so personal! i warn you though, they take a week to two weeks to get here, so remember when i'm coming back and send accordingly! i dont want it arriving over there when i'm landing back over here! lol. though i might be in aberdeen some of the time, i think most of the time i'll be in allenheads, england, so here's that address:

(removed for security reasons)
please contact kathy if you would like to send me anything

i've written it out the way you should on the envelope, so just copy that out as far as lines and stuff. if you get it wrong they'll prolly figure it out, but the postal code is important so dont leave that off!! you'll have to check the cost of sending.. i'm not sure what it is. also.. be sure to mark it 'air mail' or they'll send it by sea.. and lord that takes forever. months.

there's two other ways you can contact me, too! one is by phone. it costs a bit, long distance and all, but it's not horrible horrible. you can get some pretty good rates these days. talk to my mom, or perhaps kathy (she has family in china) to see who they use.. i'll try and post info on it or something. the number at the cottage is: (removed for security purposes). try calling between noon and three your time (thats 6 and 9pm UK time). if i'm not there, you can try the aberdeen number which is: (removed). try the same hours. i'd give my dads cell phone too.. but he might not like that! hehe. the last way to contact me, and perhaps one of the best is by fax. yes.. old i know. but instant, cheap, and i'm guarenteed to get it. and i can send replies. my mom probably wouldnt mind a few people coming over to fax something using our machine if you ask nicely by calling her. otherwise you might have to go to a copy shop or something. the number at the cottage is (removed). it's better to send faxes there, even if i'm not there, i'll probably get them sooner than if you were to send them to aberdeen. if worst comes to worst, i'll be visiting the cottage a day or so before i leave, probably, so i'll get them then.

of course, there's always IM and email. any kind of note/call/email/fax is so nice to get over there. i'll be trying to get ahold of you guys too! if you have a fax machine i'll definately be able to get in touch with you often cuz my dad actually approves of faxes. so get me your number and i'll fax you a zillion times. i'll try and send people postcards and stuff, but while each of you only have to send to one person, i have to send to many! i have to pay for it all, so i'll try hard to get at least one card to everyone. if i like you you might get more, lol, though short time span means probably no more than 3 or so. we'll see how things play out. if you dont get a card, dont be offended. it may turn out that nobody gets one cuz i dont have money, or i've run out of time, or something. so please, dont jump to conclusions. i'll try and call a few people too, but that costs even more and needs my father's permission. faxes are GOOD. eeveryone go buy a fax machine.

i'll be trying hard to keep my blog updated as much as possible. also i'll be trying to read everyone elses. hm.. that's about all i can think of right now.. if anything else comes up i'll try and notify you.

speaking of happy times, though.. EVERYONE CLEAR JULY 30TH, EVENING/NIGHT OF JULY 30TH, AND MORNING OF JULY 31ST!!! there will be a party that day for my birthday!! hopefully a lan, but we need somewhere to do it.... let me know if you think you have a prospective place.

well.. i'm kinda sad now.. esp cuz no one can do anything tonight.. i'll keep tryin though. i'm off to go put a whole hella lotta addresses and phone #s in my palm pilot.


Friday, June 27, 2003

(continued from post below... DONT START READING HERE! the post was too big for blogger so i had to split it in two)

mm... warm. we sit around and talk. and joke, and talk more. and try hard to get water in tripp's eyes. and try to make a vortex by going round in circles very fast. then bry goes and gets his volleyball and we play again.
when we get out, the water level sinks below the little vent things. it's hilarous. we've displaced almost all the water.
my team looses very badly a few games. finally me, tripp, and bry are on a team in the deep end and nick, drew, and alé are on a team in the shallow end. close games follow. we like the teams. i am playing decently by now, and i've figured out how to jump high in the deep end and still remain decent. (bikinis and water volleyball = bad) i score the winning points when i'm serving, so i'm happy. we play some very close games. it's fun and fun and more fun. tripp almost dies a few times, drew and alé talk about their mothers, nick gets blinded by the sun, bryan hits the ball too far, and i just kinda float around drowning everyone in my hair.
we all get back into the hot tub. yey. warm. first drew gets out, then me. then chris, then other people. we all wrap in towels, then get dressed. we stand up on nicks porch and throw the volleyball from one person to another while we talk. Hey. come to think of it's i'm hungry. me too. ok where shall we go?
arriving at Monis i've borrowed one nicks shirts cuz mine is wet. i rode with alé, nick by himself, and bry with tripp and drew. alé and i race alongside with nick. we blast music. yey. i order stuffed shells. drew orders angel hair with marinara. alé orders stomboni i think. something like that. nick orders fetachini alfredo.. or however you spell it. bryan orders calzone. tripp orders angel hair with meatballs. we eat and talk. mm.. good food.
where do we go now? COWBOY BEBOP i request. mainly because i dont want to go home, i'm having too much fun. drew has to go home, so tripp takes drew home while alé and i, and nick and bry, go to pick up thomas at his house. thomas is grumpy cuz his hair is a mess. no one cares but he's worried anyway. we zoom back to nick's house. we go into the big-tv room and nick plugs his computer into it. YEY cowboy bebop watching ensues. tripp arrives from taking drew home. we watch. i have to be home at 11:30 because my mom is crazy. alé takes me home, and i sit online and talk a bit to bry via his cell phone.

I fall sleep.

everyone else leaves at 12:30, and they sleep too.

i wake up at 5:30 to realise my wheat thins i was eating are still next to me in bed, my bed is still made up, my computer is still open (laptop) and right by my bed, and my light is still on. i throw things on the floor, push my laptop away, turn out the light.
9:50am i wake up and and am HAPPY! i restart my comp cuz it lost network connection -- again. nick and alé say hello and good morning and i tell them i am HAPPY!! because yesterday was the most fun ever! and i just have more happiness seizures and begin writing this post. 10:59 i finish it.

freezefire666: arent you happy too?
freezefire666: had such a fun time yseterday?
XTeamWriter1: yeah it was fun
freezefire666: *smiles*
freezefire666: yey!

freezefire666: *does a little dance* i'm so hAPPY!
RJetta8V: haha, why?
freezefire666: cuz i had such a fun time yesterday
freezefire666: it waslike the most fun thing EVER
freezefire666: *claps and dances*
RJetta8V: it was surprisingly fun
freezefire666: surprisingly?
RJetta8V: given that burger lake was closed
freezefire666: ahh yes
freezefire666: it was so great and wonderful
freezefire666: *goes into happiness seizures*

freezefire666: yesterday was so fuN! it was like the most fun thing ever!
kgr 128: lol, good
freezefire666: *goes into happiness seizures*
freezefire666: *dances so happy and excited*

and now i go to shower and get ready for the wonderful lan. YEY!

*does happy dancing*

whoa.... blogger looks different..... again.... oh well. that's not important, though i like having the split screen back. it's handy.


*goes into happiness seizures*

maybe i just dont get enough fun in my life and thats why i'm so happy about it. or maybe just cuz i like being happy and i dont see anything wrong with completely going all out when i'm this happy : P

ANYWAY!!! yesterday it rained. ahh! no! bad! the plan was to go to burger's lake! SHIT! i'm sitting in summer school, and i know it's raining. AIM on my phone isnt working, and i cant get ahold of anyone to see what they're thinking! AHHH! so after a panic attack, and school getting out, and my mom being late to pick me up at 12:45, i have about half an hour to find out whether we're still going, sort people out, get ready, and pack a lunch. well good alé helped me out a tonne (HA! i'll spell it like that if i want to. it's MY BLOG) and everyone minus aroon and cameron were good to go. so at 1:30 everyone arrives. first chris and drew, and drew was all pessimistic and stuff and grumpy cuz he didnt want to go cuz it was raining. and then alé, and then nick. cameron was supposed to be bry's ride so we had to pick him up on the way.. luckily it was literally right there on the way. nick was supposed to drive in some big car his family have, but it was getting tires checked so he didnt have it after all. so we all decided to drive to alé's house and get his big van thing. nick took off in his car. chris and drew took off in chris's car. alex and i took off in alex's car. nick dissappeared. chris and drew started heading down green oaks. alex went crazy and led chris and drew (c&d) back onto the highway. nick was still gone. i never saw nick again but he was at alé's house so it's all good. c&d obediently followed us and got there, too.
we all got into alé's big white van thing, and i got shoved to the back cuz... um.. i donno why. anyway, we set off to get bry. tripp was in the seat by the door so he had to get out to get bry, and while he was out i took his seat, so then tripp and bry sat in the back. we continued our journey. everyone started yelling at the same time, and we got lost. so everyone yelled somemore. a long while later, we arrived.


oops. little cardboard sign hanging from the gate that says 'closed today!' all happy-like. i kindof cower cuz i figure i'm prolly gonna get yelled at and thrown out. but the only person who really yelled is drew but i expected that so it's all good. we all got drinks out of a cooler in the back. then we all set off. where to go now? well, ok let's go to nicks house and swim, since we're all in our swimsuits and stuff. ok sounds good. off we go.
DAMNIT WHICH WAY DO WE GO??? everyone says a different way and alé's head nearly explodes (he's driving).
OH WAIT! a taco bell and a whataburger right next door! STOP THE CAR! so we all get out and bry goes to taco bell that everyone else is scared to go to cuz it's so empty looking. everyone else goes to whataburger and i bring the lunch i packed cuz i'm cheap. and cuz i have milanos... mm.. milanos... mmm... we all sit down (bry comes to whataburger from taco bell) and eat.
we watch a guy in a electric wheelchair get pulled over by a cop. we dont know why.
we go outside and i call seat check on the seat by the door. but then i move aside to let nick get his seat which is the one next to the one by the door and tripp decides to get his seat back. NOOOOO! brief struggle. he's bigger. he wins. i end up on lying sideways half-on the seat with him sitting on my hair. cant move. MOVE EMMA! I cant!! MOVE! chris! hair! he moves off my hair and i fall onto the ground. thump. oww. last attempt to push tripp out. GO! NO! i end up sitting in the little space between those two seats. car starts moving. nick says no, no seatbelt, dont sit there. alé says go ahead! everyone else drools and stares out the window. nick wins. i go to the back and cry. not really.
we head off to alex's house, where everyone gets their own cars. then we go to nick's house. YEY SWIMMING!
everyone jumps in. alé thinks it's cold. we get a volleyball and start to play. bry, alé, and i are a team. nick, tripp, and drew are on the other side. they're in the deep end. we're in the shallow end. when i stand up to serve on the very shallowest point the water comes up to my waist. when drew stands up to serve at the deep end..... the water comes up to his waist. i feel short.
we play. i suck. but i get a little better. i forget who wins those first few games. then we switch sides. oh shit. now i feel REALLY short. all those three tall guys are like half out of the water all of a sudden where a minute ago they were up to their chests and i've barely got my head out of the water. but we play on! till bry hits the ball and it disappears. we look for it.. but it's gone. i end up not liking playing on the deep end anyway cuz i cant jump as high.
we get in the hot tub..

insert this comment randomly throughout the afternoon: 'AHHH! EMMA HAIR!!!'

(post continued above)

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Ahh! Blogger's gone all crazy.. now it looks different!! I dont like it...... it doesnt have the handy pull-down menu to change blogs.. and it doesnt have the handy split-interface so i can look back at what i've written and copy/paste.... or simply see where i left off : P
sorry for the delayed post.. but yesterday when i was going to post was when blogger was upgrading my blog.. so it wouldnt let me in, even though i asked reallly nicely

anywayz.... tuesday.. what happened tuesday? oh wait before that i just want to mention that i was the only one that didnt fall over when we went ice-skating on monday. hehe.. i'm so cool. okok, tuesday. tuesday was a fairly boring normal day most of the day.. drew and chris came over at 9:30 (after i was at school, so i didnt get to watch them : ( ) and worked on the roots in the backyard, and finished. when i got home i sat around, played serious sam (almost to the end by now) and... well... sat. Then at like 6:30 alé suddenly invited me to watch Cowboy BeBop with him, aroon, thomas, and nick at Thomas's house. i was bored to death so i said sure. Aroon picked me up around 7:30, with nick in the car, and we drove to thomas's house. I'd never seen Cowboy BeBop before, but i wasnt thinking too much of it since im not really a huge anime fan. but it was cool! it was a burned dvd from online so in some places it was pixelated and stuff... but the show itself was very nice. i'm surprised, but i did really like it : P. alé never showed up while i was there, maybe he did after. i had to leave at 9:30 cuz thats my school-night curfew... *sigh*...

then was yesterday.. wednesday. After sitting around for a while cam and oj came over to watch a dvd (titan AE, by request of OJ) and then we sat and talked and joked & stuff for a while afore they left around 6:30. rest of the evening was spent planning for today, chatting on aim, and playing serious sam until around 2, so i'm tired now....

everyone jokes about 'Hello World!'... it's just one of those computer things. well here, my friends, is the webpage for anyone who's ever laughed at a 'hello world' program. they've made a collection of many different programming languages (including calculators!) and written a 'hello world' program in each language... it's great!

so c'mon.. all together now... "HELLO WORLD!!"

PS - dont miss 'brainf*ck'

welp. thats about all for now!! btw for all those who keep wondering out loud around me: emily's in NY, katie's hiking in the foothills of colorado with kchris, ian, and her dad, and kathys somewhere along her half-way-around-america road-trip. i stay and they all leave me behind : P .

and yes.. the rumors are tru..... tri luong does have an AIM sn... it's "Tri is crazy." you might not see him online, though, cuz he only gets online when he's at work at UTA. From about 7 to 4, with a huge long break in there for lunch. He's insane. Be sure to tell him that from me.

ummm..... yup. i think i can shut up now. off to school with me!

so excited about today! *claps*

Monday, June 23, 2003

um... yea. today. um. school, boring, as usual. i memorised three cool poems, so at least it wasnt a waste of time. Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep, Not Waving, But Drowning, and Remember Me
then went ice skating that the parks with oj, cam, and matt. t'was great fun, and good excercise. i was tired tired by the end. invited chris and drew to come join us when they called my cell but they were busy doing exciting things like handing out flyers ( : P ). went home and played serious sam for a while and waited for chris and drew to come by and pick up their money.. and waited.. and waited.. and finally as my mom decided we were going to have dinner they decided to come. but it wasnt their fault, it was bad planning on everyone's part. anyway, so they got the money and i had to drive my mom to dinner and home depot. urgh. i hate driving. anyway, we got there alive, and i got a new ceiling fan to replace this one cuz this one rattles and jangles and clanks to no end. then came home and walked the dogs, and got online and talked a bit, but no one is in the talking mood for some reason so i'm pretty bored. that gives me time to think and thinking is bad. so instead i'm going to recite to you this lovely poem i memorised today. it's so lovely and sad:

Remember Me
Remember me when I have gone away
Far away into the silent land
When you can no more hold me by the hand
Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay
Remember me when no more day by day
You tell me of our future that you planned
Only remember me; you understand
It will be late to council then or pray
Yet if you should forget me for a while
And afterwards remember; do not grieve
For if the darkness and corrosion leaves
A vestage of the thought that once I had
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad

i love it. i love it, i love it, i do. it shall be on my gravestone.
indeed. i feel all shivery now. the day ended on a rather low note, but still. remember me.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

i'm gonna go ahead and post now, before i start doing stuff and can make excuses why not to post right now : P

ok lets back up a bit........ *rewind*

we last left off on wednesday which is when.... oh shit, i cant remember again.
moving on to thursday which is the day my mom decided to take me driving, and i drove to Bryan's house in FtWorth, passing Katie(&Matt&Ryan) and AJ's house on the way. yey me! i showed up at bryans door, and the first words from his mouth were 'Emma? what are you doing here?' yeeeeeey
on friday i got up at 9 to go to my grandmothers house and help my aunt and grandmother load the car, cuz they're going on holiday for a while. we also picked up my aunts dog Holly so she's staying with us for a while. I DROVE. on the highway, for the first time ever going faster than 45. scary scary scary. i like cruise control, i dislike going so fast. i also dislike my stepdad's station wagon, which is what we took. it's so damn big! i like my mom's littla altima so much better.
then THE LAN! i arrived at 5, early so i could help set up. i brought along half my bedroom, as usual. (lol not really) but we got it all good and working. at first i and clint were the only people with network and net because we're on wireless and wireless is cool. after much fiddling with cat5 cable they got the other network working. i unplugged some stuff from my computer (dvd/cd-rw drive and my extra 15 gb drive) so that perhaps my computer wouldnt restart while i was playing games like CS. things were going fine till nick plugged in one thing to many, and since we were all running off of ONE SOCKET everyone's computers DIED. mine wouldnt restart. it would get to just before it loads the BIOS and freeze. that's not a good sign. if it cant even load the bios... hey that's bad. cameron came over and fiddled. i fiddled. bryan told me how to fiddle over the phone. nick came over and fiddled. when nick couldnt fix it, i was very worried. i sat for a while. then i decided to start packing up in case i decided to go home. i plugged my dvd&cd-rw in... restarted... and it worked?!?! so back to playing i went. we switched some computers to a different socket, and after one more power out i switched mine and alex's to a different socket too. carzy carzy. this whole time bry hadnt been here since he said he'd get a ride with matt, and matt decided not to come. i tried to find someone who'd go pick up bry but NO ONE WOULD. *tuts* mean people, eh? anyway, emily dropped by for a bit, and she brought bry, so he showed up in the end. i did ok at CS, but i'm no great player, and i wont pretend i am. i killed a few people though so i'm happy. esp with so many good players like there were last night i dont have much of a chance : P. it was still good fun though. lessee... drew left at some point, pablos friends went off somewhere to sleep, aj left at some point, blake left at some point, leslie left.. did i leave anyone out who left? i donno. nick went off and slept on the couch round the corner, and after a while i fell asleep under the two tables that aroon&thomas were sitting at and cameron&bryan were sitting at. (people moved to take the places of people who left). t'was good fun, indeed. i woke up and went to the upstairs game room-type place cuz it was cold downstairs ( i thought) and dozed on the couch while some of the guys played DDR. i woke up and scootched over so i wasnt taking up the whole little couch, and watched them play DDR more. then people started talking about a food run and i was glad cuz i was starving, but it turned out we just packed up and left. so that was kinda sad. i did want some food. anyway, after arriving home my mom decided there was a million things i had to do. so i did them, then ate a little hot pocket thing, and collapsed on my bed, exhausted. that was about 2:30 in the afternoon, when everyone else was still asleep from going to bed at 9 and 10 that morning. cameron was still awake when i fell asleep. i woke up at 11:30 or 11:45 and got online, to find many people who were at the lan also now awake and online. i talked to drew, bry, ryan, thomas, and mitch, and also ONURCAN! yey! he's back! got in at 4:30 yesterday. *claps* he's been in turkey this whole time. he'd read my blog and caught up with everything so that makes me glad.. at least it has ONE use : P. also a use for me posting about everything i do all the time. about 1am i went to sleep, again, still exhausted. and slept all night till 9:00 or so when i woke up. and layed around and then started typing this! lol
at 2:30am aim tells me that cameron sent me a message saying he was still awake.. JEEZE BOY GO TO SLEEP!!! i bet he sleeps all day today.

so let's see. what happens today?? well my sister and i have got to start clearing out the bathroom cuz the people are coming soon who are going to remodel it. (a pipe has bust in the wall, and along with numerous other things going wrong with that bathroom my mom decided it's time to redo it. um.... chris arrives home today, i think, from SC. and um.... cant really think of much else. i think i'll laze today, for i'm still quite tired. but now, i go shower. as i am very, very, i need of one. i bid you all adieu and farewell, and i shall write again soon!!

Saturday, June 21, 2003

lan party last night was kick-ass. i just woke up though, i went to bed at 2:30 (mom had me working all morning). so i'm not going to write anything.. too tired. but i found this, i wrote it on thursday, so here ya go. i think it's cool.

"as i sit here, dozing in the dim glow of these two monitors, i really want to go to sleep. i want to curl up in the warm folds of my blankets.. bury myself against my pillows.. smell a candle burning on the armoire.. close my eyes, think of the people who love me.. and sleep forever. forever looking forward to a day i have hope in, without ever being disappointed. forever being able to bask in the utmost possibilities that lie before me.. for in this dreary dozy state i cant think of the chance of failure, or bad things happening.. only the good. a smile on my comatose face, and i'll lie there forever, being happy, and warm. why do i sleep when i'm with my friends? because it is the most content place to be. surrounded by those who love you and care. warm. safe. hopefully tomorrow at the lan i'll have a chance to fall asleep somewhere near some of my closer friends so i can doze to the sound of their voices.. i used to do that with my dad when i was younger.. i used to curl up in his lap at pubs, and snooze, listening to the deep rumble of his voice from inside his chest.. it always sounded funny, echoy, because i had my ear pressed to his shirt.. in the background i could hear everyone else... glasses clinking, plates and silverware softly scraping.. mumbled conversation and happy laughter... mmm... *snuggles down into sheets* i wish to be asleep with my friends."
-- EB Hodcrof, 20 June 2003

Thursday, June 19, 2003

With every new sunrise, there is a new chance. But with every sunset, YOU BLEW IT!

^ the motto for today. yey!

today my sick humour is: fetuses in 10 gallon aquariums

so here is a funny picture for you all, to start your happy day:

i have had this for a while, and i figure i should stop only showing it at LANs and post it where people can see it..

indeedy. so please. im me on my phone at school: frzfre666

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

freezefire666: yeaz well i'll report back
coffeehousepoet1: mmm...popcorn
freezefire666: it should be fairly instantanious
freezefire666: lol
coffeehousepoet1: its so great
coffeehousepoet1: ok
freezefire666: it is 'instant' messenger
freezefire666: HAHAHAHAok that was corny
freezefire666: POPCORNY
freezefire666: HAHAHAHAHAHAok slap me

just a convo from today.. i thought it was funny. or not. i donno. anyway. i decided to post it so DEAL WITH IT.
From my 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said Calender:

On Fatherly Insights, Interesting:
"If I was doing it over again, I wouldn't have done it, but I can't shoot them now that they're here."
- Ted Turner, about his own 5 children while encouraging a one-child-per-family world policy to reduce population.
nobody's missed my posting, i'm sure, but you as an individual dont know that, so i'll tell you that people have been im'ing me frantically, calling me on the phone, and driving over in tears to BEG me to post again! ....yea....
anyway! the broadening of the list, as promised:

first thing the list says is... the LAN! yey! i got out of school on thursday at 12:45 and rushed home to get all my computer stuff thrown into the car and drive to cams church. i left at about 1:40, we (stepdad drove) picked up taco bell on the way, and i got there maybe 2:10 or so. i started helping set things up, and installed my *new* Logitech Elite Wireless Duo keyboard and mouse (early b-day prezzie from my mom, since my keyboard broke wednesday night). around 3 bryan arrived and set stuff up, then maybe 3:30 chris and drew came in. then came thomas, alé, and pablo.. aroon, blake, and elizabeth appeared sometime after that, then theresa, then nick. kathy and emily stayed for about 15 minutes (a long drive to make for a 5 minute hello!). chris, drew, bry, and i made a run to frys maybe 5ish to get drew a network card, and we all played CS. YEY! t'was fun fun. blake made us all feel very bad on DDR, and we had pizza and stuff. generally we had a good good time. went home at around 12, i hitched a ride with chris and drew cuz chris said we could maybe stop by gentry's hotel and say hi (he's never met grinch) but a storm came in so they took me straight home, helped me carry my stuff in, and then headed home themselves. stayed up late that night talking to people! lol.
friday morning i was supposed to call chris at 9 and tell him whether he and drew could come and dig up the garden or not... but i didnt. slept through my alarm and didnt wake up till 10:30 or 11 or so.. i felt bad. i got online and apologised frantically to drew, then took a record shower of 22 minutes (thats with washing my hair and shaving... a miracle!) but i couldnt get ahold of chris so it didnt really matter (he was doing other chores). around 2 they came and worked for 3 hours digging up the garden. i worked on my turtles cage and talked and watched and brought them water (i'm so kind). i was planning to try and go to frys with gentry and bry, but no one would give us a ride. so instead i joined gentry for this huge get-together dinner gentrys parents and all the parents they know have whenever the hearns come back into arlington. it was fun, aroon was there, max was there, and two other guys, charlie, and nick (henceforth to be called nick2). it was very squashed, but the food was very very very good even if it did take..... a long time to get here.. afterwards me, gentry, aroon, and nick2 all went out to see 'bruce almighty' (my second time) and met alé and blake at eastchase. we watched some guys get busted out in the front... 8 police cars arrived, sirens blaring and all. i dont really see why.. it didnt seem like that big of a deal.. none of them were fighting or even trying to get away or anything. maybe one pulled a gun or something. anyway, aroon was scared cuz one pulled in the parkinglot behind us as we went into eastchase and he'd been doing 100 down I-30.. i mean.. he'd been driving sensibly.. so he wasnt scared.... when alé arrived he said the same.. hehe. so we saw the movie and they all thought it was great.. as blake put it 'that's the most i've laughed since i was Rejected for the first time...' YOU KNOW IT'S GOTTA BE GOOD!! lol. i love that movie. after that we headed home, but it was cool cuz i got to sit shotgun and admire aroon's dad's navigation system... so cool! then i probably stayed up late talking to people and then went to bed.. but thats where my memory begins to fade...

i really have no clue what i did over the weekend.... i've been asking people but they dont know either... so here's a copy paste of my asking bry and cam what i did to give you the general idea.. this is about as much as i remember, so no.. i cant clarify..:

freezefire666: do you have any idea what i did on saturday or sunday?
freezefire666: hm.. i cant remember
AmidalaLover5000: well on sunday
AmidalaLover5000: I gave you the video card
AmidalaLover5000: and we talked & played CS that night
freezefire666: oh yea... what else did i do that day...
freezefire666: *thinks*
freezefire666: i woke up really late
AmidalaLover5000: saturday I think you did work for you mom all day
AmidalaLover5000: hmm
freezefire666: hm..
freezefire666: i really cant remember at all
freezefire666: lol
AmidalaLover5000: oh and your turtle tank was messed up
freezefire666: ohhh yea thats what i did all weekend..
freezefire666: lol
AmidalaLover5000: did someone slip you a ruffie?
freezefire666: not that i know of.. but then that defeats the purpose of 'slip' doesnt it...?

freezefire666: hey do you remember what in the world i did saturday or sunday??
OA Scout 394: nope
freezefire666: neither do i!
OA Scout 394: i was out of town
freezefire666: it's frustrating me

ok i lied.. i can clarify a bit... i worked on my turtle cage a hella lot.. got it all set up, then it was leaking.. went out, got another one.. set it up.. its working pretty good.. but ya aquariums are heavy and so is 10 gallons of water... i got brys old video card on sunday and played CS with bry that night online.. my EmXP now plays it beautifully, but my internet leaves much to be desired.... i keep loosing connection and the connection is worse than my laptop. the best ping i can get on ASE is 50 (if i'm lucky) and my laptop gets 15 or 20 usually. ai!

ok so monday was two days ago, and i remember what i did then, yey!! after school i ate some lunch then cam picked me up and i went to help him move from his grandmother's house to his new apartment nearer to the civilized world ( : P ). it was fun. we lugged beds around and stuff and chealsea (his sister) helped. then we went and picked up gentry from his hotel around 5 and went off to the glorious frys in irving to show gentry what wonders lie within frys. we hung around too long and my mom got mad cuz i wasnt going to be home by 9 (my curfew for school nights). cams mom had given us money to have dinner since i helped them move so we ate hamburgers at chilis and covered our tip with $.75 of egyption pounds (the money) to confuse our waiter, who was nice. then i went home. slept.
yesterday i also remember what i did! go me! i'm getting good at this, eh? after arriving at home i changed quickly into some clothes i could get all sweaty in and set off rollerblading with my minidisk player. it was good fun, even if it was way way hot. around 1:40 i was skating down margaret in front of butler and chris and drew came down rocky canyon to work on the roots in the garden they'd dug up earlier. so i skated after them down rocky canyon and made pretty good time if you ask me. then i watched them work for 4 hours, and got sunburned (always fun). they left at 5:40 cuz my mom wasnt willing to pay them any more, but they've still got two roots to get out (it's hard work too.. they really were working) so they're coming back next week to get them, free of charge. that'll be the fourth time they've come over lol. i'll miss em, it's been all regular, them coming over once every week to do something, heh. spent the rest of the day being lazy. watched three shows for the second time yesterday: south park, futurama, and family guy. all very funny. watched 'whose line is it anyway?' as well.. oh lord i love that show. to quote from what i wrote somewhere else:

"lord that show gives me happy seizures. if i ignore everything else, and just watch that show, i get so happy. happy seizures. when i get so happy i just have to MOVE. usually i end up giggling and slouching and twisting all over the place. i cant help it. but when you're that happy, you dont care. happy seizures are good for you. that ryan stiles guy is awesome."

so yes. it was good. i was tired, though, so i fell asleep around midnight. today my legs and back hurt from blading, but it's all good!

PHEW ok now i can stop sitting around worrying about doing this post. it really has been in the back of my mind for a week now, it's been very annoying. now i'm up to date and good to procrastinate some more! i might have to come back and update the weekend, if someone tells me what i did, or i suddenly remember, but i think i mostly sat around the house and worked on my turtle cage. anyway. lunch time now. i'm hungry.
okok.. got 10 mins afore i have to leave for school.. lets see how much i can get down between now and then. i'm sorry i havent posted in so long.. the longer i put it off, the more there is, so the longer i put it off....
i dont have time to write everything out in detail.. but i'm already starting to forget, so heres a list, and today after school i'll come and write some stuff about each:

ok. the lan was on thursday.
friday chris and drew came over to work on yard
friday night went out with aroon, alex, blake, gentry, and nick2
**if you can tell me what i did on saturday or sunday.. i'd appreciate it..**
monday helped cameron move, went to frys and chilis with cam and gentry
tuesday went rollerblading and chris and drew came over to work on yard more
wednesday: whatever happens today...

yea that sums it all up, i guess. well i've got a readers digest to read at school, so off i go, more happily than usual. yesterday i got an hour nap after my break at 9:15. he made us start doing stuff at about 10:30.. so yea.. that was awesome and nice and asleep. during school i spend all my time in AIM on my cell. my sn is frzfre666 so if you're on between 7:30 and 12:45 feel free to chat with me.. i'm bored as all hell. you'll have to excuse any long times when i dont write back though.. sometimes i have to do a worksheet or pay a little attention, or take a test or something. also, i'm not super-fast on my keypad, though i've had many people comment i am pretty damn fast : P, so please excuse any long times it takes for me to type things, and also, any of those stupid typos like 'he' for 'if', 'of' for 'me', and 'in' for 'go'... predicatble text doesnt always come up with the 'right' word first time, and often i'm speeding along so fast i dont notice, so just twist the words a little till it makes sense, k? cool

well. hopefully i'll talk to all of yaz later

Friday, June 13, 2003

WOW what a lan last night! omg that was the most fun...
i'll be giving you a full report and post in a while.. i'm far too lazy right now. the dozy 'when you dream' music by barenaked ladies and the low lighting due to the storm... the thunder and sound of rain the windows.. my little lights on and my lava lamp bubbling is making me dozy....

i just found this news story though.. i thought it was quite amusing : P
that'd be funny to pass out unknowingly... though also quite dangerous....

Thursday, June 12, 2003

See the post below for links concerning the party and contact information for Cameron and I.

For today, you can get ahold of me anytime via text message or IM to my phone (frzfre666) though i might not be able to reply immediately due to school : ( . I have breaks at 9:15 and 11:15, and i'll check my messages then (also, during any free time in class i will) and call you back if it's needed or you request it. I'll be in school from 7:30 to 12:45.
Cameron starts school at 11:50 and it goes till 1:50, but since his class actually takes some thinking send me any questions you have, not cam, during this time. Call me anytime after 12:45 and cam anytime after 1:50.

and now onto slightly unrelated news....

Wow! Still storming! I went to bed about 12:30 last night.. it'd been storming then since about 11. Two power outs and my keyboard on EmXP is now broken *....* , lots and lots of thunder and lightning. Cam told me last night that while he was driving home the wind was so strong he had to drive slightly into it with his truck so it wasnt pushing him off the road. It was funnny to watch my buddy list.. you could tell when a power-out happened cuz two or three people would all randomly get offline at the same time.
Very cool, i like this storm. But listening to the radio it's caused quite a bit of damage, so listen people: be careful! dont go out and get smashed up in your car or i'll be mad!

welp, off i go to trudge through the lightning.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

k people, to make it easier for people to get to cams site for lan instructions, and get a map to cams church:
here is a link to cameron's site and here is a link to where cam's church is.

any questions, here's contact info:

--- OA Scout 394
--- OAS394 (mobile account)
- Yahoo
--- OA Scout 394
- Cell - (817) 891-4049

--- freezefire666 (main)
--- loweaugen
--- frzfre666 (mobile account)
- Yahoo
--- freezefire666 (main)
--- firefoxx66
- Emma's Line - (817) 303-9213
- Cell Phone - (817) 808-EMMA
- Main Line - (817) 460-6777

so ok. you've got no excuses.. you can contact us!!

PS - IMPORTANT! please dont bring any extra guests! we've got enough people as is, and though i know many of you think it's not many, it's up to Cameron, myself, his parents, and the church people who're letting us use the building to say what's enough - not the guests. so please, just let it fly, and dont make us turn people down at the door - i dont want to seem really mean and evil, i already have enough of a rep for that!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

well, looks like i've got some extra time again. i guess getting up at 6 is a tad early for having to leave at 7:20.. but i get extra time to sit around and do nothing, write posts like this, or play zelda (if the tv decides to work). i really dont have anything to say. yesterday went to the parks mall with kathy, katie, kchris, cameron, and emily, though emily had to leave early to shop with her mom. it was fun, though, we wandered around and tried to find some khaki pants for kathy, then went and had a lightsaber fight in kbtoys. um.... watched the last half of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back last night.. good movie.. good movie... : D i love jay and sb.
um.. well apart from that, the lans on thursday, and gentry comes tomorrow!

Monday, June 09, 2003

June 9, 2003 - 9:50am
Well, i'm not sure what to think of this economics lark. it seems like they've taken the hard parts and compressed them down with a series of assumptions and broad things they shouldnt make/do, and taken the easy bits and stretched them out so much they're confusing. they just take something, explain it once, i get it, then they try and put it into the simplest possible terms and end up going on some wild tangent or anecdote and get me completely confused. I've got mr.fulman, or something like that, as a teacher. he's kinda cool. laid back. he babbles a lot, though, and he's already lost some of my respect by saying cars dont cause pollution and answering any debate or question he cant answer by saying 'i'm not prepared to speak about that right now' even if it's something fairly easy to add in, explain, or defend. oh well.
i've been spending the 90% of my brain thats not half-listening and jotting down notes to come up with stuff to do this summer. i've got some good ideas, and i've had some ideas to organise my thoughts. i always work better when i'm supposed to be doing something else...
i guess it's kindof ironic that right now he's talking about how 'scacity is the most important concept in economics; scarcity forces people to make choices'... last week, when i had an abudence of time, i got nothing done. now that i have a scarcity of time.. i'm driven and inspired. it might not apply to everyone, but it does to me, i guess! : P we're all crazy in the end i s'pose...
I HAVE NEWS FROM THE DISTRICT!! next year, the tucking in shirt rule WILL NOT APPLY! whoopie and hooray, ol' JJ finally came to his senses, though he made that stupid STAR mistake for next year... oh well. he cant be perfect(delete!) (replace)reasonable, can he? : P
so here i am, waiting for the fun to begin. oh joy. yup. summer school starts today, and it's 7:04, i'm waiting for my mom to take me back to the ol' prison. school doesnt start till 7:30, but i realised i have no idea what room i'm in or what teacher i have. i know it's in the math or foreign language hall.... it's the only part of the school not getting torn up.
Alé let me borrow his N64 for the summer.. yey! Zelda Ocarina of Time is mine! lol, i'm already stuck. just goes to show how sucky i am at video games, but yea, i guess it's something to do. i'm bored out of my mind most of the time, so if anyone ever wants to do anything after about 1pm sometime (i get out of school at 12:45) monday - thursday.. or anything at all on friday-sunday, gimme a buzz or catch me online - you know the name(s).

ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!! Junkyard Wars is coming to arlington, and you can compete! noon - 9 Friday and 10-9 Saturday at the Parks Mall in Arlington.. i am definately going to try and go, so if anyone wants to join me plz let me know.. i need a ride.
and of course, lan party on thursday go here if you want details.. but let cameron or I know before you come.. if we dont know your coming you WILL get turned down at the door, we've already got more people than we expected... by far. it's shaping up well though.. a few little flaws, but most of them personal, as usual.
off to the jailhouse with me.....

Sunday, June 08, 2003

ever get that feeling people dont really wanna be around you... they just put up with you sometimes so they dont feel bad...?

Friday, June 06, 2003

today i woke up kinda early, 9:50. showered and got up and ready to do stuff... problem: nothing to do. so i sat around instead. ate some food, put the post of chris's picture online, did nothing. then around 1 chris and drew called asking if my parents wanted their car washed. my mom said yes, so they put us in a 'time slot' of 3. hahe. *i* pulled the car out of the driveway and parked it at a nice angle to the hose and in the shade (i'm so kind). then i sat and watched them wash the car, t'was fun. i inspected and they ended up redoing a whole bunch of the car, but it was fun anyway. then my mom said she had some logs they could pile up in our back yard. so off they went home to get gloves and tennis shoes. i painted my toenails trippy green. they returned and i went out bck to watch them lug around big logs. it was also fun, apart from the mosquitos ate me. i got some pictures, but i'm lazy. i also have some graduation pictures. anyway, then chris and drew left, and i watched Dogma until my mom told me i was going to the scottish festival with her. so i went, it was ok. it's hard for me, cuz all i can do it spot the flaws : P sorry. i got a VERY COOL jingly shiney silver anklet for $5 and i got measured up for a black and grey camo kilt for next year (bet no one has one of those for senior camo days : ) ). then *i* drove us home. i just finished Dogma and now i'm sitting boredly waiting for something to happen. or trying to think of something to do. so um. entertain me.
*evil smile* here, i've been meaning to show this picture off to the world for a while, it's from my 16th birthday party in my back yard. looking at the other pictures, i cant really figure out who was in charge of the camera... maybe a mix of katie and cameron. oh well! here, for your viewing pleasure, is CHRIS:

(ps - the actual picture (the big picture that comes up if you click this smaller one) is 768x1024... a perfect desktop wallpaper if you turn it sideways! : P )

Thursday, June 05, 2003

!!! this site is so much fun.. it's very very cool. all of you go. now!
it's a flash of a body, but someone's worked out the physics of how floppy you are when you die..
hehe! here here here!
I really like the song "Last Resort" by Papa Roach.

Everyone must go here!!!

I've been spending my time destroying and rebuilding my entire StarWars lego set. Yey!

Watched Family Guy and Futurama for the first time last night. Both are very funny shows. I'm really a robot. Did you know that? Nobody suspected, did they? Tripp says my square pupils will give me away... I'll have to watch that.... Also watched Goldfinger. Yey James Bond!

And now:
My Favorite James Bond Quote:
James Bond: "Do you expect me to talk?"
Goldfinger: "No, Mr.Bond, I expect you to die."

Wednesday, June 04, 2003


everyone must visit this site!
(click on the 'do the dubya'!!!)
Go quickly!

yey katie!

Monday, June 02, 2003

I've created a quiz all about me, so you can all go see how much you know about me. go on, shoo.
Click here to see how much you know about Em
pickup lines not to use:
"hey, are you gonna walk out to your car alone later on?"

i found these comics and decided they were worthy of posting on this rather drab site of mine. you know, liven things up a bit.
the truth about microsoft....

what happens to cameron at night....

so yea. not much has been goin on these past few days, though i did get to see the new Frys in Irving and... yesh.. it's is awesome. if you havent been there (and you like Frys) you must go. Go! i send thee.