Sunday, September 28, 2003

so suddenly my weird writing seems to have caught some attention.. before anybody seemed to get it at all, i wrote a little explaination post to go along with it.. kinda explaining some stuff so maybe someone would get it. i was gonna post it next week or somethin, but now that 3 whole people seem to get it, i dont think i will. because for them, it'd be spoiling whatever they've made out of it. and that's worth way more than me telling people how to think of it. to answer ar00n's comment, yea i did write it. as for my reasons, to quote from that explination post i wrote...:
"i wrote this post over three days, in little splurts where i just got bored, and wrote. i started it late sunday night [sept 21], feeling like i should post *something* for an unknown reason. i was eating mint choc chip ice cream, and as i typed the intro ("hellz yea yo.") i had brainfreeze. after the first sentance, the ice cream had been finished. after the second sentance, i realised i was writing in first person plural, and that prolly not everyone reading this was eating choc chip ice cream. i decided i'd go ahead anyway. i had no purpose for this post ... i just wrote it. at first i tried to make it apply to all by keeping it grade and school general, but i couldnt, so i referenced lamar and got on with it."

it was great fun, and i enjoyed writing it, and i'm glad that it turned out to be something that some people are really connecting with. it means a lot to me, but i didnt really think anyone else would 'get it.' i'm pretty sure aroon did, lol.
i guess i'll take a hint from aroon's comments and IM's and show this to the fabled mrs love.. i have no idea who she is. so, aroon, if you'll inform me, i'll do your bidding.
thanks for the kind words evrybodee.
"flip it, stick it, and see ya lata, bye!"
oh btw

alé: only pablo would wear an 'available' shirt inside his own house
i've spent the last 30 hours living with the morenos. it's been great fun : ) out of that 30 hours i got maybe... 6 or 7 hours of sleep? so yea.. i'm pretty tired about now. i'll post more about alé's birthday lan and today (saturday) tomorrow. computer is all in pieces here at my feet.. it will be set up at a later date, so until then, you'll have to excuse my online-ness being infrequent and often me getting offline randomly cuz my laptop is dying. anyway, overall, a wonderful time!!! X D X D

Thursday, September 25, 2003


AleJandro Moreno is 19 today, yey! X D
you're awesome ale!
dont you love this pink and flowery cake i found for you?? ^.^
~ your Em

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

hellz yea yo.

so the days have been whizzing past, and we find ourselves somewhere in the middle of september going 'whoa, brain freeze' as we finish off the remains of our mint choc chip ice cream. the throb of daftpunk and BT echoing through the dazed skulls of those awed by new schools and those bored by old becomes the life-pulse of the ritualistic computer/homework/eat/sleep routines we all fall into sooner or later. groggy mornings of zombie-like attendance to class are spaced out by the jubilant reunion of friends departed, and the magical nights out with old friends at coffee houses, talking of worldly dreams, theories on life, and other mystical topics while sipping hot things in the cool texas midnight. stick out our tongues to the zing of lemonsalt burning away your skin and we might catch a drop or two of bawls, bringing back memories of lan parties in the past. 'so this is the fall of 2003,' we mumble, not sure of whether to be amazed or disappointed, but admiring the sexy IDs swinging daintily from our necks. sliding (literally) past someone who has mistaken the newly tiled hallways for a urinal and exclaiming 'we pledge allegence, yo, tejas' suddenly we're supine, feeling the cold floor against our backs and straining our eyes against the blinding flourescent lights beaming above us. it's easy to forget, we realise, how much life really does change every year. where were we this time last year? what did we think of life then? how much have we changed? we all answer differently, with a twinkle of the past gleaming in the eyes at the memories of the us gone by. how young we were then. how little we knew! how much we had ahead of us to face. each face a little more pained, each smile a little wider, admiringly we reflect on the worry wrinkles slowly mapping out our brows and those inescapable smile lines framing our cheeky grins. 'we know' drones the chorus, sounding utterly depressed at the extent of their knowledge, and, sinking a little lower into the cushions of our chairs we can only think of the cookies and punch to be served, as always and as promised, after the show. 'up the down!' someone shrieks, and in the realization that we dont know what's at the bottom, wilfred owen's "ecstasy of fumbling" moves to our crowd. but this time the syrup's too thick to trudge through, and no matter how hard we strain, we're still headed in our predestined direction. shuffling along the assembly-line of education, who can deny we havn't witnessed those things which we'd never thought we'd witness, and discovered those things about 'the gang' that we never thought we would? red jettas and z3 roadsters, edition freedom or french, primed for racing, it's not too long before we're neck-and-neck against ourselves, the throb of the music and the growl of the engine creating a momentary distraction from the scratchmarks on our wrists, tell-tale signs of those insane cats that shock us awake with a soul-jarring yowl as they race across our sleeping forms, nuking peaceful dreams of integrated cows and horses. 'pick a card,' prompts the machine, and blindly we confidently stab at the buttons: trail held, three nudges. three limes in a row? some lucky sevens? apples, oranges? protectively clinging our pineapples to our chests, we dash to the beach, only to find it's been cemented over to form the first-ever sea-view car park. bare feet sizzling gently against the non-stick surface, our gazes turn yet again to the search for a path - any path - to take us home. muttering childhood nursery rhymes as we pour ourselves a gravel path to walk on, we head towards the only place we can, straight on into the cobwebs of the past. requesting connection speed, free mints and salsa for all. DSL, cable, T1? but surely we can only comprehend what dial-up can deliver. seemingly alone in this brand-new box of magic tricks, we've really only got to unwrap our hands from our knees and stretch them out to find the touch of a familiar friend. uncurling ourselves from this fetal position, suddenly the floor isnt all that frigid, and lights arent all that glaring. "if you jump on than there's no turning back!" threaten the faceless lingerie models, peering disdainfully over their meager pile of meatloaf at we young'uns. settling back in the long grass, faces turned upwards towards the pink and fushia glow of the mandarin orange sinking below the curve of an eyelash, we can easily converse with the dragonflies looping wildly overhead, proof that gravity isnt really all that bad.
as the last strains of the beloved alma mater are blasted through our ears with the clash of cymbols we stand slouched but alert, loser 'L's' firmly pressed against foreheads, thousands of voices joining to cry out 'for eh-ver-more!' and we cant help but think to ourselves proudly, 'counter-terrorists win, yo'

Saturday, September 20, 2003

bringing you more of my lovely search results:

07 Sep, Wed, 12:54:25 --- Google: pure emma desktop wallpaper
18 Sep, Thu, 13:56:57 --- Yahoo: nazi pictures
19 Sep, Fri, 17:55:16 --- Google: "flip it stick it"

YEY! people come to my page A) looking for nazi pictures, and B) looking for GI JOE references!!

i'm so happy i could smash an egg over somebody's head!

Thursday, September 18, 2003

rain today. i realised that with most of my readers scattered around in various places i can write about things like rain. it's that kind of rain that makes me think of england. steady and constant. small drops, but hundreds of them, and spaced so close together. it's rare in texas. the drops arent big and heavy enough to be the usual texas storm rain.. but they're too constant and driven to be a light mist. it seems drizzly and mournful in emotion.. not angry and determined like storm rain.. not thoughtful like mist.. it falls with the purpose to soak and freeze any person unfortunate enough to be exposed at the time. if you're in a place with enough wind (the northumberland moors, for example) it whips around your face like a million pins, stinging against your skin. it's grey outside and yellow in my room, which makes it cozy. makes me want to nap. a lovely day. lovely weather.

two sayings for today that bounded into my mind mid-Medea test:
Life has whatever meaning you give it.
The meaning of life is what you make it.
** watch for signs of the apocalypse!! **

TrippSkiggins: ...and I don't know if I should say this, but here it goes...
TrippSkiggins: ...I think that I like orange soda better...*cough*
TrippSkiggins: better than *cough cough*
TrippSkiggins: Dr....Pepper
Loweaugen: than dr pepper!!?!??!
Loweaugen: *watches some giant pigs flying past the window*
Loweaugen: tripp! how could you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

This is awesome. My dad sent me a newspaper clipping origionally, but i cant very well stick that up here, and the newspaper who published it charges to search archives older than 7 days. But... here! This is an article about a 19th century guy who threw a rock at some girl he had a crush on but always turned him down. so they hung him, then used his body for scientific research. Then... lol, well go read it.. hehe!
next up... through WebUser magazine (couldnt find a link to the magazines site with this article, sorry) i've discovered kazaa has become the most downloaded program ever. not too surprising, but cool.
i saw this cool site also on WebUser and thought it was worth a post.. go check out note the color right now is purply..!! YEA PURPLE!

and now for some random facts i picked up while surfing yesterday:
-- guys prefer a girl who has a waist to hip measurement of 0.7. it triggers the mind to think they're more fertile.
-- The male faces that women find most attractive change in line with their menstrual cycle. Women find masculine faces more attractive during the most fertile period of their cycle and more feminine faces attractive at other times.
-- in a monitored test they hooked some people up to brain detector things and showed them a picture of whoever they were in love with & then a pic of a really close, long-time friend. they expected the brain patterns to be somewhat similar (both are friends, both are loved, right?), but they were very different. for the 'love' person the area responsible for 'gut' instincts got active, and the one overactive in depressed people was unactive. for the 'close friend' person neither of these reactions was very pronounced.
-- A researcher asked two complete strangers to reveal to each other intimate details about their lives. This carried on for an hour and a half. The two strangers were then made to stare into each others eyes without talking for four minutes. Afterwards many of his couples confessed to feeling deeply attracted to their opposite number and two of his subjects even married afterwards.
RJetta8V: WHOA!
RJetta8V: thats awesome!
-- Oxytocin - This is released by the hypothalamus gland during child birth and also helps the breast express milk. It helps cement the strong bond between mother and child. It is also released by both sexes during orgasm and it is thought that it promotes bonding when adults are intimate. The theory goes that the more sex a couple has, the deeper their bond becomes
RJetta8V: whoa
Loweaugen: interesting eh?
RJetta8V: very
Loweaugen: (guys around world: yey more reasons to have sex!)

so yea those are my interesting little blurbs for yesterday and today!
hope you all feel enlightened and smart now.

unrelated, but insightful:
Loweaugen: it's hard to balance
Loweaugen: leaving someone alone
Loweaugen: and giving someone enough attention
Llenon: yes
Llenon: i understand

au revoir, mon amis!
wow.. i just woke up... i decided to go take a nap.. so i put my music on.. went over.. lay down. and dozed.. mm. it was wonderful. but i had this dream there was a lan party at a hotel! not an official one like QC, but just something we somehow pulled together. it was a mix of the group we had at bry's house and some people i've heard also lan (jeff adams, martin bishop) and also just had some random people stuck in there (adam howell?). anyway. the main point of the dream was that we played CS a lot. and people kept teling me all these things about CS that in reality dont make any sense at all.. but in the dream i was like 'oh wow.' but it was sad, becuase nobody had invited m'ale to the lan! both his bros were there, but not ale!! lol. but nobody was there in the dream that is gone now. that makes sense if you think about it, but it was still sad, and i yelled at some people for it in the dream. it was the people who i have now & not those who i am used to lanning with. and the people i have now at school, and not those who are gone (both of ale's bros happily attend lamar, but no longer ale!)
anyway i'm off to walk lady now cuz they told me too...
got bored. took quizzes. need i say more?
(quizzes compliments of bryan's site)

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i'm a better girlfriend than bryan! hellzyea! i knew the competition was tough... ^.^

You are the Figher Femme

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You have a surprise kiss! Your partner is always
pleasantly pleased to have you jump outta no
where to dote them with a fun peck on the cheek
or more passionate embrace. super markets and
work places are your favorite places to attack
your loved one with all your love =p

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

what happens when you post pictures of swastika tic tac toe?

FrozenSeeker: there's something odd about your blog site. that picture of the nazi tic tac toe is taking over...
FrozenSeeker: the scroll bar is where I have it, then it jumps to that picture, then back to where I was reading, over and over.
Loweaugen: strange
Loweaugen: but awesome
FrozenSeeker: So it's going like: "Bryans house was clean." [NAZI!] "(WE'RE ALL IMPRESSED BRYAN!)" [NAZI!]
Loweaugen: LOL!

Nazi pictures are taking over my website YEAH!

Monday, September 15, 2003

You are 56.1% freak

compliments of LIMPITS!
"alex and tripp looked so cute together but IT CANT HAPPEN. alex is still in the process of getting over him and it doesnt help, tripp, when you take your shirt off"
^ this is a quote from my sister's site. it's great, isnt it??
lol. she's got a lot of friends w/the same name as my friends.. emily, kathy, alex, tripp... for her, tho, alex is a girl. but still. sometimes reading her site i come across things like this and i find it so amusing.. much to chris's dismay.

Loweaugen: thats funny
TrippSkiggins: it's so not funny
Loweaugen: i find it amusing!
Loweaugen: why is it not funny?
TrippSkiggins:NOT FUNNY
Loweaugen: i must disagree
13 Sep, Sat, 10:33:39 Google: 50 plus seniors fucking

so funny.. yet... so.. scary...

and how come on drew's blog they search for my site and go to his.. but they dont go to mine!! lol.
co-dependace is a horrible thing:

Loweaugen: well i'm off to bed
Loweaugen: enjoy my pancake dust
Llenon: noooooo
Loweaugen: yes.. emma should have gone a long time ago
Loweaugen: anyway...
Llenon: now i'll be bored, lonely, AND completely confused and frustrated
Llenon: yar
Loweaugen: : /
Loweaugen: sleep well
Loweaugen: and sweet dreams
Loweaugen: i hope you are not too bored..
Llenon: arrrrrgh

Auto response from Loweaugen: sleepin

Llenon: i'm meeeellllltiiiiiing

lol, nah, ur cool grinch : )

in other news... I GET TO WEAR MY SCRUBS TODAY!!! so i'm lookin all snazzy in my new scrubs and my new 'surgically white' sketchers. YEY!!!

i will tell you if i get to cut anybody open and 'tinker with their ticker'
Loweaugen: but sometimes i feel bad
Llenon: nah, don't
Loweaugen: like eating pancake dust
Llenon: pancake dust?
Loweaugen: good lord
Loweaugen: i am insane
Llenon: what is pancake dust?
Loweaugen: i have no idea
Loweaugen: i dont even remember typing that

Private Blithe18: *bows*
Loweaugen: hehhe you catch on!
Private Blithe18: yup
Private Blithe18: learned alot from u

ps - at the lan, bryan's hyper kitten-cat made pablos computer restart by pressing a button on they keyboard.. hehehe! smart cat. : P

Sunday, September 14, 2003

so it's thunderin and rainin outside and overall is a cool atmosphere. i only wish it had been this way YESTERDAY so i could have slept in and spent the day with m'alé and not washed cars and gotten sunburnt.

k so firstoff... rewind!

so, frizday we lan. lan lan lan yey for lan. it was supposed to start at 6, but everyone that was going to the lan (which was at bryans house) except Alé, couldnt drive. so, all of us (exept bryan cuz he was at his house already, obviously) needed a ride from alé. (everyone = me, pablo, ian, bill). and alé's car is still quite dead (some part is not in to fix it). so he needed to get a ride with eric and renee so he could come to arlington. but cars do not like alé at the moment, so erics jeep broke, so he and renee had to go get it fixed. luckily, he did get here around 7, so it wasnt too late. so we all pile in, and go lan. bryans house was clean (WE'RE ALL IMPRESSED BYRAN!!) and for any of you that have seen bryans house before friday YOU KNOW HOW AMAZING THAT IS!! anyway. so yea, it was fun. mushroom pizza and all. we watched the offical ('worst movie ever' (why? i do not know. "hey this movie is supposed to be the official worst movie ever!" "how uberawesome, let's watch it!" "great idea!") and it was amusing in a 'wow this movie sucks' kind of way, but i feel asleep, only to wake up again when (as with last time) bryan turned off the dvd. i think then other people went back to playing games, but alé and i slept. so then at 7:20 or so i woke up, because i had the honor of adding six more hours to my carwashing for LHS orchestra experience. so alé give me a ride home, my computer is placed in pieces around my room (where it still is at the moment) and i showered, ate, and went off to scrub mud off of strangers cars.
the highpoint of carwashing was that i got to wash two BMW Z3 roadsters.. one white one black. YEY!! both of the owners were really nice too. it was funny, cuz both times they pulled up, everyone gravitated towards them and started washing.. leaving the other cars with soap suds drying in the sun while the owners yelled 'hey! my car needs rinsing!' and us replying 'yea.. sure.. hang on..'
we also washed some truck that was so low i was taller than it. i think cars that low are rather stupid. if you go over a pebble in the road your undercarriage is destroyed... if you try and go over a speed bump you end up being a see-saw.
wow that reminds me of that old childrens rhyme.. is it in america too?
"see saw, margarie daw
johnny's got a new master
he will pay but a penny a day
because he cant go any faster"
or is that just a british thing.... anyway
the weather was sucky yesterday. it wasnt rainy, but it kept switching between hot and cold. so one minute i'd be rubbing sunscreen on my face and arms (forgetting the back of my neck and back of my legs, which are now red) and the next minute i'd be shivering.
alé came to visit with the van, and i ate a hot fudge sunday, tho not at the same time.

so then i left. went home, showered, ate, and fell asleep. i was supposed to wake up at 5:30 so i could go rock climbing.. but my alarm clock turns out to be broken, and did not wake me up. my sister told alex whenever he called i wasnt home yet (making him worried i was in an accident or something on the way home) and overall, i didnt wake up till 7:30. by then, it was too late to go rock climbing and i was very mad at myself and my sister, as i'd looked forwards to it all week. : ( i'm still sad cuz i was looking forwards to it. hopefully sometime in a few weeks we can go.
so, instead, after alé finally reached me and discovered i was indeed ok and alive and not been kidnapped or in a coma, (when my sister finally realized i HAD been home for the last 4 hours..) we decided to go see 'this is spinal tap' at erics house with eric and renee. it was a funny movie, but eric and renee didnt like it much, and people kept talking, so i didnt really get to watch it too much. i would have rather watched the whole thing through w/o disturbances. i donno, i get bugged by that, but you cant really say anything to people unless they're your friends in which case you throw things at them yelling 'SHUT THE FUCK UP BI0TCH!'
so yea. then i went home and was late coming home but it was all good cuz i pulled a good excuse.
so then i woke up at 5am utterly exhausted (first time i had a chance to really sleep in two days) and UTTERLY SICK. so i stumbled into my mom's room and she was wonderful and fed me drugs and things and gave me a hot water bottle (so british, so wonderful) and sat by my bed till i finally (completely drained) fell back asleep.
i woke up at 8, and took more pills, and fell back asleep. then i woke up at 11 and ate breakfast, took a last dose of drugs, and am now feeling pretty ok again. i drank lots of tea, british-style. it was lovely. i also clipped coupons for no reason (i blame it on the drugs). i sat there for half an hour completely lost from the world except for the driving force to clip coupons. so i did. i didnt know that was a sideeffect.. i'm pretty sure they dont mention that on the side of many things... but i bet i saved a lot of money : P
alé was supposed to go offroading with eric today in his jeep thing so lol i hope they dont both catch pneumonia and die cuz erics roof is broken or something, so they'll both be soaked and muddy (how about that drew??? HAHAHAHHAA. no. my alé!!)
so yeaz, anyway, i am thinking it will be a lazy day.
off i go, to look like i'm busy!

Friday, September 12, 2003

check it out. i've been translating names from HP.. some of them i'm sure you already knew, but many of these i figured out myself through trial and error in french and latin : P maybe some of them are rather off... you cant fully trust online translators, after all, but i think they're fairly reliable.. and pretty cool too!!
(i put a star between first and last names since many of the names have more than one word to translate to, so you can tell where the first name translation ends and the last name (if there is one) begins)

sirius * black - dog * black
remus * lupin - oar * wolf
fleur * delacoeur - flower * of the heart
voldemort - flight of death
albus * dumbledore - white, pale, fair, gray; bright, clear; favorable * while many give
minerva * mcgonagall - roman goddess of wisdom * __
alastor * moody - arm/wing/cavalry stand-firm * __
nymphadora * tonks - young maiden made hard/tough * __
Em: i always wondered
Em: in britain
Em: in html
Em: can they write
Em: 'font colour="..." '
Em: instead of 'font color="..." '?
Em: that would be hard to remember, if you were used to spelling it different.
Em: dont you think?
Llenon: um
Llenon: i'm sure colour works
Llenon: just so there's no problem
Llenon: like, i bet they made it that way early

*** this post was attempted to be made in colour through 'font colour = "..." ' tags. ***
it was....
SUCCESSFUL: now you know
UNSUCESSFUL: the bastards
you know what i really hate?
i hate it when you know you really should go to the bathroom at lunch, but you dont, cuz you're lazy, so you sit through calculus and you really need to pee, so by the time calculus you run out of the room and dash towards the bathroom but halfway there you suddenly run into your old geometry teacher who is now teaching your sister and she recognises you and starts talking and all you really want to do is push her aside and run to the bathroom which is so close, yet so far, but instead you've got to make polite conversation while slowly edging round her in a 'i've really got somewhere important to go!' kind of way until finally she lets you turn and dive into the bathroom only to discover there's a huge line because girls take ages to go to the bathroom and so you stand there trying to be patient but silently screaming at the rest of the female population.
i hate that.
i also hate people who walk slowly.

today i again defied dresscode rules, though only very slightly, so not really enough to seriously count.

here is a random conversation i just had (in my 8th period off period, in compsci, on german aim):

XTeamWriter1: well ill crush your hopes...there was more to that convo
XTeamWriter1: i brought up gi joe
XTeamWriter1: and he mocked me
Em: oh
Em: *sniff*
Em: i'm meaningless!
Em: +5c drew
Em: *reads*

Automatische Antwort von XTeamWriter1: and now the drewish's job is done...and now he sleeps



the "+5c drew" is reference to what drew once said: 'if i got a nickel every time i made you say *cries* i'd be a rich rich man'

thats about it.. i'm just posting cuz i'm dead bored and dont feel like doing anything constructive.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

well as for an update on 'change of luck' week... not much's changed, unfortunately. tho i do know one person whose bad luck has changed.. or at least... whose bad thing as gone away. i could beat money out of them, but you know, i'm feeling all kind and generous ; P.
on unrelated topics, i've read a great deal of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (british version) and wow ^.^ i'd forgotten how truely addicted HP books are lol. i know, i know.. it's taken me forever to read it.. it's just finding time!! esp with reading for english and HOSA... and actually trying to practice my violin some this year? lol.
wow i'm suddenly exhausted. i've said absolutely nothing this entire post thats worthwhile.. but eh, it's not my fault my brain fried just now. so... < insert ingeniously smart and witty opinions, facts, and arguments about touchy topics here >

and with that, i bid you all bon soir.
happy red, white, and blue day, everybody!!

oh wait.. wrong country. oh well, it's still red, white, and blue, right?! and thats all that matters, really!!

i like this picture because it displays the british flag correctly.. note the red diagonal lines do not lie in the middle of the white diagonal lines, but slightly to.. the.. *has no idea how to put* right... cept when it's upside down.. anyway!

i would have loved to wear my union jack tshirt to school today, but my mom took it away to repair it, meaning i'll never get it back. so instead, i'm taking my chances with my Newcastle (w00t!) shirt that's signed by Alan Shearer. i say 'taking my chances' cuz it's got the 'newcastle brown ale' symbol on the front.. they were newcastle united's sponsors. so hopefully i wont have the life beaten out of me by teachers who adamently stick to the rules. maybe i'll tell them 'ale' stands for 'a league extrordinare' or something. meh, it's not like they know better.

so wish me luck. if i never come back, i was sentanced to life washing chalkboards by good old JJ.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

wow! i got my first ever search engine referral today!!
'kiwi home pics'

hey, good enough for me : )
one month with m'ale today! X D

or at least.. that's what we figure. i didnt do my girly duty and record what day nick's lan was when we watched the ring (that's where we're measuring from). and so a week or so ago aim logs were pulled up and blog archives read and re-read to try and figure out what day it was : P
so august 10th was what we settled on X D

wow, can you believe it's been a month since we sat there (ok... lay there) and watched the ring in nick's den-thing? jeeze...! that was a fun night, tho, and a fun lan!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

great news!!
my blog is now IE, mozilla, and Safari (mac browser) compatible! hehehehee! no longer does my side menu cover up my posts! X D

all credit for this goes to Cameron King who was the one who fixed it all for me : )

why did i suddenly reach the conclusion to fix the problem cam and oj had been bugging me about for months? well, i took aroons advice in his post, and decided to give this mozilla firebird thing a try! well, so far so good : ), so i had to figure out a way to be able to view my own website from my own computer lol.
so, now all aroon needs to do is fix his comments and track back so that they too work in mozilla : )... since it was his big idea! : P

so anyway! i'm happy with the turnout.

on other topics, i officially dubbed this week 'bad things happening' week, but then my mom scared me a lot about careful what you wish for and whatnot, and i am figuring better safe than sorry, and so i'm calling this week, instead, 'change of luck' week.

so if your luck suddenly changes, you can thank me ; P

Monday, September 08, 2003


after making brownies, i chat a while, then tell people i'm gonna go do some stuff, and i'll be back soon. i only meant to eat a bagel, read the paper, and head back to my room.....
freezefire666: i'm off to go do something uninteresting for a while
freezefire666: bbs
TrippSkiggins: k
well. plans dont always go to plan. i did eat the bagel, and read the paper, and go back to my room. but instead of getting back on the comp, i lay down on my bed to rest for a sec (lack of sleep catchin up with me) and i fell asleep. i woke up around 8 or so because my cell phone rang. i thought it might be ale, so i answered, but it was my sister instead, asking for some phone number that i grudgingly got up and recited to her. then back to sleep. my mom says after she arrived home she came to question me twice, once where she asked me if i wanted dinner, and once when she asked me if i'd taken my contacts out and put a sheet over me, since i had goosebumps. next thing i know my mom's shaking me telling me it's far past time for me to get up : P. it's 10:30am the next morning : ). 15 hours of sleep, yea!!
first thing that went thru my head was that i'd not gotten back online as i'd said : P
TrippSkiggins: you lied to me.
TrippSkiggins: "bbs," you said...
Loweaugen: I'M SORRY!!
Loweaugen: *cries*
Loweaugen: did i ruin your whole evening?
TrippSkiggins: almost
& i'd missed talkin to ale. but anyway, i got busy doing stuff for the day.. namely.. taking a shower and eating. though i was wide-awake, i felt so physically tired.. i was exhausted! i think it was the lack of food. since uno's on friday (dont forget this is sunday!) i'd only eaten a microwave quesadilla, a brownie, and a bagel. dragging myself through the hair-washing motions and then to the kitchen took forever because of lack of energy.
after makin myself a shake thing (quick fast energy) i went back to my room to do absolutely nothing till i had the honor of joining my family for a sunday lunch (this doesnt happen often so i actually was happy). life returned to normal pretty much after then...
Loweaugen: i'll be back soon ok? i promize!
Loweaugen: lol no falling asleep and never coming back this time
RJetta8V: lol

Loweaugen: joy?
RJetta8V: NO JOY!!!!
Loweaugen: oh no!
Loweaugen: NO JOY??
Loweaugen: joy?
Loweaugen: *waits to here if there is joy*
RJetta8V: aww man
Loweaugen: no joy again??
RJetta8V: no sound joy
also i must add that swastika tic tac toe is good fun

i'm purple, of course. drew is red.

one more random thing: ar00n's brother's got a blog. but i dont understand why he always calls himself 'limpits'. whenever i think of that name, i cant help but think of 'limpets'.. the sea creature...
THIS is a limpit:

why would you want to be called that? hm. oh well.

now i must tell you an important thing!!!!:
you see, i had this experience yesterday. not on purpose, mind you, but by accident. while happily eating away at my lemonsalt, i got some under my tongue somehow. OH GOD THE PAIN. it burned. really badly. so i ran to the sink and washed my mouth out and expected that to be the last of it, after the hurting stopped. well, 24 hours later, it still hurts like a mofo. plus, the skin on the underside of my tongue & bottom of my mouth is peeling off. i had no i idea lemonsalt was that acidic. but seriously. DONT DO IT. it hurts very much.
i would post some pictures of what the underside of my tongue looks like but i dont think that a) my camera would focus that close and b) that anyone would really like being that grossed out

well, i think thats about all i can say for now. today was a boring school day and not much happened that was worth mentioning. except that i wore my boots and my killer jean skirt (and by killer i mean.. it tried to kill me) and i am in love with my boots cuz they're so comfy and cool... yey!

PS - you can see some cool homecomin pix if you go to BIG PIMPIN' BMW's BLOG (that would be bryans blog) X P

Sunday, September 07, 2003

TrippSkiggins: you finally posted?
Loweaugen: i am writing one right now
Loweaugen: i feel all bad for not posting anymore
Loweaugen: it's a guilt-post
yes, it is a miracle. i know i've hardly been posting anymore, and so i feel kinda bad about never posting anymore, but you've missed not much, believe me. school is all about normality right now, lol. i went back and reread a lot of comments, since enetation seems to have been throwing fits lately, and added some comments to those made that i couldnt read. you might also want to read back to see if there's any you couldnt see & whatever, since enetation now seems to be working happily again.

let's get this post going! it shall start on FRIZDAY! nothing much happened at school except the homecoming peprally which they held in the morning for some reason, so i didnt attend. instead i wandered the decorated hallways cuz mrs abel wouldnt let us go in early for some reason (?!?!?! this had better be a one-off thing!!!). so it was a normal day, but when i arrived home it was happy day because MY BOOTS ARRIVED!! i ordered them late wednesday night (counted as thursday) but paid for next-day shipping so i could wear them for homecoming. we were worried they might not arrive on time, tho, cuz they only guarantee 2-day shipping.. but they came!! here's a picture of them in all their awesome glory:

beautiful, eh?
so after arriving home, i talked to ale, and since his jetta is rather dead : ( he had to get a ride back to arlington with his friends, and since they were runnin a bit late, he was gonna be late as well, but t'was all good. katie arrived at about 5:30 and emily followed soon after at about 3:40. we sat and talked and laughed as we prepared for homecomin and emily read some of my old letters in a funny way so they were hilarious and we all had a great laugh. bry arrived at about 5:50 and emily read the letters for him, and he added his own comments, which just made it all the funnier. six came and went and ale called to say he was on his way, but we had no word from gentry.. we did not know what had become of him. he might have gotten eaten by some egyptian-consuming cyclopses... cyclopi.. cyclopses.. cyclopi...
Loweaugen: would plural cyclops
Loweaugen: be cyclopi?
Loweaugen: or cycolpses?
TrippSkiggins: I think it's "sy-klow-peez"
Loweaugen: oo..k...
egyptian-consuming sy-klow-peez. probably he had gotten lost
Loweaugen: you know your way around or you want a map from.. um.. somewhere?
Llenon: lol
Llenon: i can get there don't worry
ale arrived, and be brought me lucas lemonsalt!!! he is such a sweetheart X D ! here is a picture of my lucas lemonsalt:

RJetta8V: um, i think youve got a problem
Loweaugen: how's that?
RJetta8V: youre addicted
Loweaugen: i am..
and i was happy because i got to see m'ale, and i only get to see him about once a week : )
but at about 6:35 we had to decide what to do about gentry, since he still hadnt turned up. i didnt have a cell number for him or his roomie, so i had no way of helping them or asking how long it'd be. we had to leave, tho, since emily wanted to see her sis in the half-time show that was before the game (i unno.. lamar is fusking everything up this year). so i wrote a note for gentry telling him to call and left my cell phone no and stuck it on the door, and hoped he would indeed find it. then we all piled into ale's van and took off to lamar!
katie: i didnt know a van could move this fast!
emily: yea really
em and ale: hahahahahhaahaha
em: you've not ridden with ale much have you?
we arrived, and piled out, and went to go in, but as we gave our tickets to the person at the gate she says 'standing room only! or you can go to the away side' and i'm thinking.. 'wtf???' but we decide to go in home side anyway, as the whole point of going to homecoming is the atmosphere, and we're sure we could find seats. at first, we wandered over to where we used to sit lat year and year before: the far side of the stadium on the other side of the band, but they wouldnt let us in there, and were told there were only 20 seats for people who didnt have season tickets... 'WTF???' again. so we were all pissed at lamar. but we went to the side of the stadium closest to where you come in, and there was loads of room. so we sat there, and soon mel called and came to get his hate i'd said he could wear for the night, and gentry gave a buzz, so ale and i went to pass their tickets thru the chain link fence and guide them to where we were sitting. it was good to see grinch again! and his roommate whose name i cannot remember for the life of me. it started with a t. what can i say... i suck at names.
so yeaz, we talked a while, and i mention how nick agreed to come have dinner with us afters, and ale says how we should kidnap thomas to come, as he is in town, and i laugh, and agree, of course. and bry talks about thomas's hat, and his hair. and then, thomas calls! he volunarily asks about when the game is and what he should wear, and then says he's coming! so we all are amazed, and think that's cool. soon tri comes, and finds us, and we're all happy, then kathy gives a call and shows up as well. even thomas shows up after a while! hehe. so we're all here, and we're all happy! as it grows darker gentry pulls out his amazing lazer and tells us to look at the wall of the wallmart across the street. so we do, and he shines his lazer on it... awesome!! heheh. he's really careful with it tho, and i thought that was also really cool, cuz it's tempting to do stupid things with it that could practically blind somebody if they looked up or moved. so we watched the game a bit, but mostly talked and had a good time. bry snapped some pix... most amazingly ale got one of thomas smiling... and he got it voluntarily!! hehe. after half time (talking about how funny it would be if katie kathy and i invaded the field and kidnapped that cool horse they use to take the homecoming people out to the field in and rode it around yelling 'freedom!' and also hearing who won: suzie ozutuwich (no idea how to spell..)) we decided to leave, but first to walk over the far side of the stadium so bry could talk to band people and katie/kathy/emily could talk to those they wished to talk to. ale and i got lost a few times, but in the end we all left as a group (it took a while to get everyone together!!). half of us piled into gentry's roommate's car, and half into ale's van. we took off to nick's house, and then to Uno's in downtown ft worth! a better place to come on homecoming, i can think of not : P
most people got dessert, methinks, but ale, bry, gentry, and i split a half veggie and half meat-stuff pizza and damn it was good. gotta go back there sometime. (first time i've ever been)
so we headed back to arlington, and ale's van dropped soph, tri, and kathy off at their respective cars, and then dropped off nick and thomas off at theirs so they could follow to katie's house and leave when they needed to (we were all spendin the night). the other car dropped off katie and emily at my house to pick up their cars so they'd have their cars in the mornin without the need to come by my house. then we headed to katie's house!! this is maybe... 1am? anyway, i quickly grabbed a spot on the couch for ale and i, and gentry took a place at the end of it as well. katie and emily spread a matress on the floor and sat on that, and i'm not sure how everyone else arranged themselves. we watched the cowboy bebop movie, tho i think a lot of us struggled to stay away that long lol. after the movie nick and thomas left, tho i hardly remember them leaving.. oops.. and bry put in 'an evening with kevin smith' i think most were asleep by now, and ale and i both dozed off. gentry moved somewhere so we could lie down. i woke up when bry turned off the dvd (absense of sound) and that guy whose name i dont remember wandered around saying 'where do i sleep?' so i nudged ale and we moved off to sleep in katie's room leaving that guy the couch.
next thing i know katie runs into her room and says 'EMMA YOUR MOM IS HERE SAYING YOU HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE DOES SHE KNOW YOU'RE HERE WHAT DO I TELL HER???' and i literally jump up and as far away from ale as possible, thinking my mom's right behind katie. i dont think i've ever gotten up so fast in my life. luckily, my mom's by the front door, so it's all good. so everything goes smoothly.. i just tell my mom ale slept in ians room. but i've been woken up at 10:30 to go to some scholarship thing that's useless..!! i said bye to ale, and said i'd see him at the unt game that night.
my mom takes me home, so i brush my hair, wash my face, put on some jeans, and we're out the door. while i was cleaning up she microwaved some cheeze quesadillas (sp?) and i eat those on the way cuz i'm starvin. i doze thru the scholarship thing then come home and do nothing. i find out ale's car is too messed up and i cant get a ride to UNT so i cant go to the game or see ale : ( but it's all good. so i doze for a while, then make brownies for the first time ever! lol i feel pathetic.


Thursday, September 04, 2003

i have a lot more to post.. but lately.. i'm being lazy.. as you've noticed, i'm sure : )

so, here i am sticking to ale's theme of ART APPRECIATION! X D

c'mon.. when i saw this, i couldnt help it : P
(for those of you who dont religiously read the life&arts section every morning like me, this is from today's comic section)

Monday, September 01, 2003

Private Blithe18: damn that was a small nap
Private Blithe18: not long enough
Loweaugen: DONT SLEEP
Loweaugen: they're coming!
Private Blithe18: who is
Private Blithe18: ?????????
Loweaugen: THEY
Private Blithe18: WHOS THEY!!!!!??????
Loweaugen: ask goodnamegoeshere if they're coming
Loweaugen: he'll say they never lie
Loweaugen: but they are coming
Private Blithe18: WHO?!?!?!?! im so confused
Loweaugen: just do it yo
Private Blithe18: WELL DO WUT
Private Blithe18: IM SO CONFUSED
Private Blithe18: WITH WUT
Private Blithe18: WTF IS GOING ON
Loweaugen: AHHHHH!!!!!
Private Blithe18: *grabs rifle*wtf is going on emma
Private Blithe18: WHO IS
Private Blithe18: sleeping now
Private Blithe18: if u dont tell whos coming
Loweaugen: NONO!
Loweaugen: DONT SLEEP!
Loweaugen: *falls over again*
Loweaugen: DAMNIT
Private Blithe18: LOL
Private Blithe18: IM SO CONFUSED
Loweaugen: DONT THINK
Loweaugen: JUST ACT!
Private Blithe18: ok wut are they and wut are they gonna do
Loweaugen: they are they
Private Blithe18: ale?
Loweaugen: nononononono
Loweaugen: he's RJetta8V
Loweaugen: ask goodnamegoeshere
Loweaugen: he knows all about THEY
Loweaugen: say EMMA SENT YOU
Loweaugen: QUICKLY NOW!

sorry pablo!!!! but it's so funny!!!!
well i took the liberty of submitting some of yous' writings to the Gender Genie to see what gender you really are... i just selected a paragraph or two from recent blog posts, and sometimes i tested a couple diff paragraphs to make sure the answers were consistant, and not just cuz you were feeling tomboyish or femanine one day : )
here's the scoop:

I (Em) am a female (2/3 = i tested 3 diff paragraphs and 2 came up as female, one came up as male)
Ale is a female (3/3)
Nick-rah is a female (2/3)
Ar00n is a (/3) <-- writing samples unavailable as server is down
Blakerson is a female (3/3)
Drewish is a female (3/3)
OJ is a MALE (2/3) (lord we'll never hear the end of this...!)
Cam is a female (3/3)
Bry is a female (3/3)
Tripp is a female (2/3)

personally i think there must be a flaw... well.. *cough* let's HOPE there's a flaw.. : )

i will put a full post very soon..... i think. but for now, this person has been sending me txt messages on my phone, and wont tell me who they are. i warned them, but what can i say? guys never listen. so here you go, i give you his number. please, feel free to call or text and torment this poor soul.

817 896 9156

todays lesson is: dont fuck wit da em.