Wednesday, December 28, 2005

SNOW!! (and blood)

Yesterday morning we woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground... and then it started to snow more and more. By the afternoon (well ok, late morning) we were having a snowball fight and taking a wintery walk, and by the evening time (well, ok, mid-afternoon... time runs differently when you only have 8 hours of daylight) we were sledging down the hills! We went to bed as it snowed more, and through the night it got deeper still! All day today it snowed, and everyone went out sledging while I was still asleep (I had been up and down all night long with 3 very large blood-pouring-everywhere nosebleeds). We went for a before-lunch walk, having lunch at the village cafe a mile or so away after walking over the snow-covered hills and through a snowy forest. Then after we returned, we grabbed our sledges and went for a long sledging session with some of the other village kids, which was coming to and end when Heather and Alice had a banging collision halfway down and Heather ended up with what's usually my specialty, a blood-pouring-everywhere nosebleed. We took her inside and got her cleaned up, and after a while she's ok. That ended the sledging, but it was getting dark anyway. Now we're snugged up cozy in the warm cottage watching the snow fall still more! What a great time this has been. My dad was going to see a Hartlepool game tonight, but we're not sure if we should venture out, as if the snow gets really bad, we could get stuck on a snowdrifted road on a moor. (That happened to my dad once before... where there was no phone signal of course. He had to spend most of the night in his car till the gritter came by and freed him.) So we'll see how it goes.

SO! It's been a great few days here with all the snow! Everything looks so white and clean, and we've seen lots of wildlife, since it's hard for it to hide. Lots of birds, rabbits, and grouse and pheasants. Also lots of sheep, but we see loads of them anyway. At least in the winter they don't baa all the time.

Anyway, today is a special day cuz AJ is turning 21. Happy Birthday! : )

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas, All!

Well, how did everyone's Christmas go? Mine was pretty good. I got the new Robbie Williams cd, the new Oasis cd, and Now 63 (UK of course, not US). Also got Waking the Dead (a tv series that could be compared to CSI, but is much better) season 1, and Spooks (shown on BBC America as MI5) season 2. Also got a 7.5 hour cd of the history of Britain, which I'll listen on one of my back and forth drives. Kenneth got a PSP, *sigh*. I shouldn't be jealous, but I am, which makes me feel bad. I should be thankful for what I have got, which is a lot of good things. I really didn't think I wanted a PSP that much anyway, but apparently I wanted it more than I realised.. heh. Oh well, life goes on! : )

ANYWAY! I hope everything is happy and good with you, what did everyone else get for Christmas? Let me know!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's Christmas Eve, My Lads and Lasses!

Oh it's Christmas eve!
I'm trying not to stress out, honestly, but it's hard. I am having serious trouble sleeping, which is not good, but what can you do. It's really boring lying awake in a dark house with everyone else asleep but you cant do anything because if you dad finds you awake you'll be hung out the windows by your toenails. I've also started having nosebleeds again.. Oh the joys of winter! I especially love it when you have them in the night, so when you wake up the next morning it looks like a knife murder happened in your bed. Whoo!

So today we went to pick up our Christmas turkey from the butchers' (Oh yes, here we still go to a good old-fashioned butchers'! Better quality meat, you know.) and then went for a 2.5 mile walk around Allendale countryside. It's been beautiful weather today - blue sky with not a cloud, and sunny and lovely. It's cold of course, freezing, but at least it's sunny. The walk was great, with stunning views of the valley and rolling hills, all gleaming in the sun. Of course, the whole walk we had long shadows and it looked like evening, since it was about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, and the sun will set about 4. It comes up about 9. When we were up in Aberdeen, it was coming up around 10 and setting at 3! I love the short days - it always looks like either morning or evening, so the day never gets old and worn looking. It always looks fresh and golden, with long shadows. Anyway, they're saying no white Christmas, but if the weather is like this, I won't be complaining! There really is no better way to spend a Christmas than in a little cottage in the English countryside, I swear.

So yes, things seem to be going a little better. Libby and Kenneth are in the kitchen making mince pies (they contain fruit, sugar, and spices... no meat). Yum. I'll go help them after I finish this. Being with the twins and Kenneth always makes things better. And the cottage is all decked out for Christmas, and of course Kenneth and the twins are so excited. Christmas with kids makes it so much better. Hopefully since I have such young siblings, there will be very little break between when they get too old for the fun and when I spluge out my own little clones. (Loving, aren't I?) I can't wait till the excitement tomorrow of them opening their presents. I really have no idea what I'll get, but hopefully a few nice little things. I'm hoping for the new Robbie Williams CD.

I went and saw Narnia the other day, and actually really enjoyed it. The animation is very well done, and I enjoyed the characters. It's very appropriate for all ages, which for once I really like, since Heather came and watched it with us and really enjoyed it, and since there was no blood and gore, she wasn't scared. So I recommend it, if you were looking to go see it. Yes, it's a Christian themed thing, or whatever, but it's still a great story, and you don't have to look into that to get a good message and a good movie.

Anyway, Have a great Christmas, all!! : )

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And just when you're thinking that things are getting better... all falls to pieces again.

Since I got on the plane at DFW, and moreso since we arrived in Aberdeen (all connections made and all bags present), I have been concentrating on convincing myself to destress and relax, and enjoy the holiday. So much for that.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling, Ring-ting-tingling Too...

Well I'm off tomorrow.. today.. whatever you call 3AM. My plane leaves about 4pm, as usual, and I will be heading to the airport about 2, as usual. I fly to LGW, then take a plane straight up to ABZ (Aberdeen). Wednesday we go down to Newcastle and the cottage on the plane, and spend the rest of the holiday there. My sister flies back sometime between Christmas and New Year, and I return Jan 3rd, around 2pm.

The exciting thing is that we will be departing from terminal D, the new one (insert 'ooo's and 'ahhh's here). We landed there when we got back from summer, but it was not really open yet, they just had a few planes unloading there. None of the stores were open or anything, though. My dad went through it a month or so ago, and he said it was great, so I'm looking forwards to wandering around it.

I shall try and give a few updates from time to time, letting everyone know what I'm up to! And I'll of course report my Christmas looting on Christmas day or Boxing day. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of me frolicking in some snow! (Did anyone just notice that frolicking is 'fro licking?) Well, I wont be licking any 'fros, but I will be dancing about in a happy way if the snow comes. (Does 'pictures of me 'fro licking in some snow!' sound like some kind of really messed up pr0n to anyone else?) Ok enough of this conversation topic. Let's move on.

Well I'd move on if I had anything else to say. Long story short - send me texts, send me emails, leave me comments, and I will feel loved and happy! And, I will see you all in January, if you wish to see me also (since it would probably be hard for me to work out just a one-way situation. Well, ok, it could be done, but we're sliding back into that creepy relm we just left.)

SO! Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!
Remember, If you can't be good, be careful!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Well I'm home again. Stayed up till 4 last night packing and drove home this morning. How is home? You might ask. Well, home is empty. Everyone went out to do whatever various things they do whenever I come home.

I meant to get up at 7 this morning, and finish packing, and leave early, since I had this appt in Ft Worth with an oral surgeon. I overslept my alarm 3 hours, and so ended up packing like a madman. Dr.Oral Surgeon tells me I need my teeth out. I'm not doing shit till someone actually sits down and talks to me. Everyone's in such a huge rush to get to the next patient. Also, no one will answer my questions fully. They're afraid too much detail will freak me out, but to me, having observed and had loads of wonderfully bloody and bone-saw-involving proceedures explained to me while I watched them, not knowing what they're doing freaks me out. Anyway, they're all full of shit. My roots are fully grown and near my nerve, so there's a higher chance I'll have a numb jaw. Anyway, the whole thing seems really stupid to me. They don't even hurt. If they hurt later I'll worry about them then. Jackass doctors.

Anyway, that's all.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?

The pictures are back! I'm not sure how much I'll be paying for this nicity, but we'll see. I've taken the songs down, so that should ease the strain. My hits will start going down, but I don't mind. Nobody was actually looking at my blog anyway, just taking the songs. If you want any of the songs from this post last year, I'm more than happy to send them to you individually or as a zip or rar over AIM or email. Just ding dong my doorbell and it is done. I'm just not paying for these strangers to get their Christmas music. *Grumble*

I watched Love Actually for the bazillionth time last night, and enjoyed it as much as ever, and cried again. I adore that movie. There has never been a movie I am so obsessed over, but there is now. Yey for Love Actually!

I have become quite a sock model in the last week, don't you agree?

Ok, There's no Pictures

Yes, I know there's no pictures on the sidebar or of the socks. This is because all those visitors I was talking about in the previous post have used up my alotted bandwidth to my hosting thing. I'm getting it fixed soon as I can, and taking the damn mp3s down. Pictures of socks win over mp3s.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Les Chaussettes Du Jour

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 12 décembre
Snowflakes and Icicles!

My mom gave me these socks last year after Christmas. She says they're 'jean Christmas socks' and I might see where she gets that from. I think they're cute, with tiny Santas, and Christmas trees (vegetation is very popular on Christmas socks), and snowmen. Snowmen are a good idea on Christmas socks, I think. Maybe next year I will buy some snowman socks.

I'm sorry for not keeping up with my socks. : ( They are all updated now. Usually I despise changing the dates on posts to make them look like I posted them some other time, but I have done that with these, just for ease of having a good timeline.

Today was the start of finals. My biology test spat on me during the multiple choice, but I beat its ass all the way to Russia on the short answer and essay. Tomorrow I have no tests, but I must pack and study, and Wendesday I have French at 8am and OChem at 6pm. Thursday morning I depart for Arlington, and I go to some teeth man in Ft Worth Thursday afternoon. Sunday morning I depart the US for Britain, and shall return Jan 3rd. I don't go back to school for a while after that, so that's when I'll see people, if I am wanted to be seen.

Another thing I wanted to mention was the fact that DAMN I am getting a lot of hits. I have gotten 1014 hits this month alone! That's about double than I ever got before. Daily I'm getting about 80-100 hits. My old high was 5, and that was back junior or senior year.
I'd like to think this sudden surge in hits was because I suddenly became more interesting to the world or my Christmas socks were drawing tonnes of admirers. But of course, that's not the case. Remember last year when I posted some Christmas songs that I recommended for you all to download? Nothing draws the hordes like mp3s. Since they're all Christmas songs, my top search word has gone from 'Emma' to 'Christmas'. Ho hum.

I'm both happy that I'm getting so many hits, and sad that they just want my songs. : ( I'd be happier if they just wanted my socks!

I hope you have enjoyed my daily sock updates, because yes, the time has come. Today's socks were my last pair, and from now on it would be repeats : (. I know, it makes me cry too. I shall continue wearing my Christmas socks, so if you're still curious, ask me to pull up my pants leg and see which ones I've got on : ) !

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Les Chaussettes Du Jour

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 11 décembre
Snowflakes and Icicles!

These socks are nice and tame. Classy, though. You could wear them even if you were not insane, like me. They have glitter thread too, and I like the holly and candy cane design. They're pretty.

Tomorrow starts finals. Urgh.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Les Chaussettes Du Jour

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 10 décembre
Snowflakes and Icicles!

These socks are neat because you get a real star button-thing at the top of the tree. And glitter thread. Glitter thread is always good in Christmas socks. What is cooler than having presents falling down your feet from under a Christmas tree?

Friday, December 09, 2005

Les Chaussettes Du Jour

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 9 décembre
Snowflakes and Icicles!

Lauren gave me this lovely sparkly pair of socks for an early Christmas present! I do like them very much.

Today was our Christmas party! Shale, Ampod, Laura-Pop, Caroline, and David were all there, and with their help I made enchiladas. We ate, then ate the bazillion cookies Lauren and I had baked, and drank sparkly cranberry juice.
Then presents! I won't list all the presents, as some of them were rather naughty ^.^

Then we played SSB and sang songs and danced! What a lovely Christmas party : )

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Les Chaussettes Du Jour

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 8 décembre
Snowflakes and Icicles!

I am fond of these socks because they are so spastic! Why pick between reindeer OR Christmas trees when you can have them both in one sock! It's like an Christmas epileptic seizure on a sock. That makes this pair rank high.

Today was an ice day - no school! I went sliding on the ice. Perhaps pictures will come later.

Nietszche: Emma is Better

Loweaugen: what is your paper about?
Loweaugen: write it about me
got no parachute: nietzsche
Loweaugen: title is Nietzsche: Emma is Better
got no parachute: LOL
Loweaugen: 'Nietzsche was a very important figure in the development of philosophy through the ages, but Emma has played a more vital role in history today.'
Loweaugen: then just continue on about me

Yesterday I sent out an email to the su-students public mailing list and started a huge email war! More emails based on my email were sent in one day (half a day actually) than on any given day during the election. It has also spawned another email war about email wars.

I feel like this is a right of passage : ). I'm not sure what into, though.

(For the curious, the email I sent had some thoughts about the recent concern over the fairness and correct handling of trials concerning sexual assaults in frat houses. They were well worded... I didn't mean to start what's being called 'The Great Email War of 2005'...)

The Ice!!

Today was such a medley! Where to start, where to start??

When I awakened this morn, it was a grey and groggy day, and the temperature was 45o. As I'm sure most of you know, that was the high today - it was downhill from there! So off I tromped at 8am to my biology class, and then my chem class. Anyway, as the day went on it got colder and colder, and rumours started to spread about ice storms and snow flurries tonight. Exciting! Oh so exciting!

Anyway, I knew it was very cold, but I didn't know how cold until Lewis came and rang our doorbell to show us around the house next door. Oh man! This was about 5:30. We opened the door and it was like the Artic blew in! And, because I accidently messed up the sprinklers, they had gone off about 5 and sprayed everything all wet, so everything was covered in a thick layer of ice! The path was all icy, and so was the driveway. The rain was half-frozen and probably froze as soon as it touched the ground. We saw the house next door, which is very nice, and came back. At 7:15 I set off carefully to drive to my ochem test, and it was freezing. The roads didn't seem too bad. At around 9:30 I came out of my test only to almost break my neck on the sidewalk! The rain had turned to really freezing rain, and was covering everything in a layer of slippy ice. Fun stuff! Then I got to my car. It had been covered in a layer of slippy ice too. The doorhandle and door cracked as I moved them, because of the breaking layer of ice. I turned on my defrost full blast, but it wasn't doing much. My windsheild wipers wouldnt even move when I turned them on, so I pulled out a plastic ruler and got scraping. Oh what fun! I never thought I'd be scraping big chunks of ice off my car in Georgetown! After clearing the relevant windows and mirrors, I set off driving home. Again, the roads didn't seem too bad, though I did get stuck spinning a bit on the little incline at the bottom of our driveway. But I made it into the garage eventually.

Excitedly, I jumped out my car and called to Lauren 'round the door to come slide with me! I ran on the grass, jumped into the driveway, and slid on my feet a good 10 feet. Ahh, sliding on ice! I've never done it before in the Texas, only in the UK (places I have been skiing don't count). Our driveway was a purfect ice skating rink, and though Lauren thought it too cold after a few minutes, I stayed out and slid in the dark cold for a full 10-15 minutes before I decided I was probably going to catch my death, or fall to my death, as I could no longer feel half my feet. So I headed inside. I've checked from time to time, and everything is so pretty and icy! I love this weather. Lauren and I made walnut brownies and ate them hot hot hot from the oven, inside our cozy little home with the ice scraping on the windows and the wind howling at the door. Oh it's wonderful!

I love how sparkley and crunchy and slippery and shiney everything is! Yey for super-cold weather!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Les Chaussettes Du Jour

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 7 décembre
Snowflakes and Icicles!

Different pose for you today! These socks are my very favorite Christmas socks, and strangely appropriate for the icy day today!
You can stop hiding it... You know you like checking the site to see what Christmas Socks I'm wearing today... : )

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Les Chaussettes du Jour

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 6 décembre
Lone Star Santas? Perhaps...

Yes... you guys really are going to get this every day this week. This blog gives me the right to object you to my weird obesessions.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Les Chaussettes du Jour

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 5 décembre

Is It Weird If I Have A Favorite Drillship...?

I just got the horribly horrible bad news that my favorite drillship whose name I adore, the Valentin Sashin, is having it's name changed. This drillship has been a household name in my life for as long as I can remember, as many other various oil-company things and names have been, and I regard it like an old distant friend I've never met. I've even considered naming one of my children Valentin Sashin, maybe I still will. But the problem lies in that nobody would ever call her 'Valentin Sashin' and probably she'd just be called Valentine or Sasha, which I couldn't stand. It's all or nothing. Never mind that due to this history of the ship, it's probably named after some rich Russian (male) communist... I adore the name. Earlier this year my dad's company took their equiptment off her and abandoned her in some Argentinian harbor after a dispute with a contracter company, and now they(the silly Argentinians)'re changing her beautiful name to 'Deep Venture'. How Hollywood. Pah.

Oh lovely Valentin, how I shall miss you. : (

Saturday, December 03, 2005

One of My Favorite Things About Christmas...

Is wearing all my Christmas socks! Ask me to lift up my jeans this coming week, and I'll show you a different pair every day! Wearing Christmas socks makes me happy : )

Friday, December 02, 2005

I Pretend I Can't Hear the Yelling

I got home a little while ago and within a few minutes my mom and stepdad got into a huge shouting argument. A really bad one. Why does everyone I know have to argue with everyone else I know? Why does everyone I know have to hate everyone else I know? I'm so tired of all the arguing, I hate it. I try and pretend I don't exist. It never works. I like coming home, but always someone is yelling at someone else. At least at the condo I don't have to hide in my room and try to not exist to get away from the arguing.

It hurts me inside me.